Mailed This Batch of Cards This Month {August}

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postcards, postcards for swap, postcrossing

Mailed this bunch recently

I have a number of cards for swap that I finally managed to prepare and mail recently, and good thing, too, as I was able to send them before the rainy days set in. Some of these cards are long overdue and I sure hope they arrive to their destination real soon.

I hope my friends will love the Miss Universe 2015 stamps I used on the cards. Isn’t Pia Wurtzbach stunning? Such a Pinoy Pride and I am delighted the local Post Office released these equally gorgeous stamps {will share more about these on a separate post}. I also used a number of lovely washi tapes on my cards. I recently got them from a shop on IG, and I particularly love these Mommy Lhey Washi Tapes {the one with “love kiss fun” design}, I absolutely adore the colors!

postcards, postcards for swap, postcrossing

Miss Universe 2015 Stamps

Here’s the list of the cards I mailed, I sure hope you find your name in it:

  1. Biju Dev, India ~ Mayon Volcano, San Juanico Bridge
  2. Gilbert Dela Cruz, Makati City ~ Barasoain Church
  3. Neny, Indonesia ~ Roxas Boulevard, San Juanico Bridge Multiview
  4. Bohdana Matejkova, Czech Republic ~ Mount Mayon
  5. Alissa Guillaume, France ~ Museo Pambata, Barasoain Church

I have a few more pending swaps to finish and I am planning to prepare them while reading all about these awesome Kramer Guitars. I sure hope I can mail them before the week ends as next week will be a lot busier while I work on my blog deadlines and for the remaining preparations for my little one’s 7th birthday celebration. I am also planning to revive our accounts and mail a couple of official cards before the month ends, just to spread some postcrossing cheer around. I will also make sure to share a number of wonderful cards I got recently on my next post. Hope you watch out for that.

How’s your postcrossing so far? Received any interesting cards you’d like to share?

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