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Wonderful Surprises In The Mail

postcards, postcrossing

Lovely surprises in the mail are just a few of the things that brighten up this mum’s otherwise hectic and tiring day. Not too long ago, I got a package containing an envelope full of beautiful postcards from a postcrosser friend.

Annie sent me a bunch of awesome cards including:

  • a box of Mo Cards containing lovely Japanese illustration
  • a couple of cute owl postcards
  • a bunch of Filipino recipe cards
  • and these uber cute cards for kids on birthdays, summer, Christmas holidays, back-to-school, and school break {I am sure it will be fun to send these to the little one’s classmates!}

I am still undecided if I’d swap these lovely cards, but I did promise to share them with my sister who is even crazier about postcards than I am. But this also means I highly needed to update my swap album to include these new postcards. I have been on hiatus from swapping and I still have a dozen or so official cards that I need to prepare and mail this week. I will prepare the postcards for their pictorial as soon as I am done checking out this informative article about guitar center used instruments.

Thank you so much dear Annie for sending these gifts in the mail, I will send something for you and your little pumpkin soon.