9 Of The Greatest Places In The World To Snorkel

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If you love snorkeling and would like to take your snorkeling experience to the next level, then you better prepare your best snorkel gear and head to these great snorkeling destinations that will surely give you the thrill you want.

Check out these 9 great destinations that will definitely give you an exciting and memorable snorkeling experience:

Palawan Islands, Philippines

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Palawan Island located at the western part of the central region is the country’s rising snorkeling spot. The island is filled with many underwater opportunities with its stunning beaches and reefs. Enjoy snorkeling from the Donsol Bay for a chance to swim with the whale sharks or visit the natural coral reefs in the Noa Noa Islands and Tubbataha.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

It is no surprise that the Great Barrier Reef of Australia is included in this list. Being the world’s largest coral reef that stretches over 1,400 miles, it is definitely a great place for snorkeling enthusiasts. Enjoy various kinds of colorful corals swimming with diverse schools of fishes. You can also find the ever famous manta sting rays in the great barrier reef.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

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If you think the Galapagos Islands are just famous for the old tortoises, then you are greatly mistaken. The islands actually are also filled with diverse eco-system perfect for snorkeling. They are filled with various kinds of sea turtles, dolphins and hunchback whales. Colorful fishes and eels can also be found in the Devil’s Crown – a sunken cone of a volcano in the Floreana Island.

The Maldives

The beautiful islands of Maldives are not just a famous destination for romantic vacations and honeymoons but it is also equally famous for its underwater eco-system filled with hundreds of species of fish. Experience swimming with butterflyfishes, turtles, sharks and other kinds of aquamarines.

Komodo Island, Indonesia

Enjoy exciting underwater adventures in the Komodo National Park. It is home to hundred species of fish and types of corals. You can also find endangered marine species in the oceans surrounding the islands. The neighboring Pink beach also houses various kinds of rays and turtles and also features an underwater garden.

Stingray City, Grand Cayman

travel destination, travel, travel trivia, travel adventures, Galapagos, Palawan, Honduras

From the name itself, one can be guaranteed a near encounter with the Caribbean’s friendliest rays. Enjoy them brushing up against your skin like a puppy asking for some love. And if you want to be surrounded by the rays, squid baits will do the trick in attracting them.

Palau, Micronesia

Palau has earned its spot on this list because of its harmless jellyfish. Yes, they have millions of jellyfish that won’t sting or harm you in any way. Not only does Palau boasts of its harmless jellyfish, its ocean and beaches are also home to various kinds of coral reefs and hundreds of species of fish.

Kealakekua Bay, Big Island, Hawaii

The bay is not only famous for being the spot where Captain James Cook, the famous British navigator was killed but also for the great spots for snorkeling around the area. Expect colorful fishes, turtles, and dolphins swimming with you while snorkeling.

Bay Islands, Honduras

The islands are the home of the world’s largest fish – whale sharks. Imagine the excitement you will feel swimming with humongous fishes that go up to 40 feet in length. Furthermore, since whale sharks are slow and harmless, capturing your moments with them will be easy and enjoyable.

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15 thoughts on “9 Of The Greatest Places In The World To Snorkel

  1. Lisa Favre

    My parents are from the Philippines and they always talk about how fun it is in Palawan. I would love to visit Palawan one day – it looks absolutely beautiful! Didn’t realize you could also go snorkling there. Awesome!

    1. musings on meanderings Post author

      Oh, cool. I guess, you are a kababayan, that’s what we call our fellow Filipinos in our vernacular! Yes, there are a lot of places in Palawan where you can go snorkeling! I look forward to going there with my boys soon!

  2. Joely Smith

    I have never tried snorkeling. I am not even sure I could do it lol. I always worry about getting water up my nose. I would totally try it. Either way I would enjoy just being in one of these places!

    1. musings on meanderings Post author

      I have not done it before, too, I thought it was quite frightening but totally exciting! Looking forward to trying it out soon.

    1. musings on meanderings Post author

      Wow, must’ve been an awesome experience. I have never done it before and I am including it on my bucket list, too!

  3. Tiffany

    I have never been snorkeling – YET – but thanks to this awesome post I know where I need to go once I get a chance to check it off my Must Do List!

  4. adriana

    Hawaii was definitely what came to mind when I saw this post! I love snorkeling – I’ve only done it once or twice but it’s so fun and such an amazing experience. Can’t wait to get to some of these gorgeous destinations!

    1. musings on meanderings Post author

      I have never experienced snorkeling before and I am so looking forward to trying it this summer! ^_^


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