5 Items Every Outdoorsman Needs In 2017

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For people who love exploring the outdoors, having the right tool or gears is as important as being physically fit. Having a physically fit body is not enough for your survival in the outdoors. Our ancestors may not have access to high-end gears that we have today, but they always carry tools themselves that could help them survive in the wilderness.

Every outdoorsman must have items, even with only the most basic tools and gears, to make life in the outdoors so much easier. In our age today, we use things to make our lives easier and get things done faster.

Here are 5 items every outdoorsman needs in 2017:

Battery Pack

Gone are the days where you need to find a cabin in the middle of the woods to have access to electricity. We are now in the digital age where almost all outdoorsman brings gadgets for taking pictures or videos. Owning a battery pack which includes a built-in LED flashlight and two or three USB ports can straight up help you charge your smartphones and other devices. Also, make sure that you purchase battery packs that are waterproof and shockproof.

travel tips, camping, outdoors, travelKukri Knife

A knife is an important tool in every outdoorsman kit. It can be used with a lot of things. It helps in preparing food and chopping off some branches to make fire. It is also a good tool to use as self-defense. When buying a camping knife for yourself, make sure to find the one that will best suit your needs. There are a lot of designs and types of camping knives out there and you have to make sure that it is what you need personally. The best kukri knife is popular for several reasons because of its inwardly curved blade which is similar to a machete.

travel tips, camping, outdoors, travelWarm Down Jacket

It is extremely important to have at least a jacket when going outdoors. One of the things that could possibly get in the way once you are in the outdoors is cold. Invest in a good warm down jacket to protect yourself from the cold. Other than choosing your own style, make sure that it is water resistant and has great compressibility and durability.

Water Filter

It is extremely important to be always on the lookout for safe drinking water when you are in any outdoor activities. When going on camping trips or hiking mountains, sometimes, finding a reliable source of water is a bit difficult. That is why having a water filter is important to keep your stomach safe from ingesting any bacteria you can get from the water.

travel tips, camping, outdoors, travelHiking Boots

If you are one of those people who love to constantly hike, a good pair of hiking boots is extremely needed. Find one that is comfortable and durable that can handle any types of trails. Hiking shoes offer maximum support that you need when you are hiking so that you won’t have sprain easily. Hiking shoes are also needed if you happen to bring extra weight on your back for optimal support.

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