4 Tips To Booking A Romantic Honeymoon In Bali

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Are you planning the perfect honeymoon for you and your future spouse? Look no further than beautiful Bali. This exotic place has been attracting so many tourists for the past several years for the many beautiful experiences it has to offer.

Bali is also a favorite honeymoon destination for couples. People from all over the world, some coming from halfway across the globe, come to Bali to experience all it has to offer. This place is a perfect place to celebrate the beginning of your marriage.

If you’re very interested in going to Bali for your honeymoon, check out the tips below so that you can start planning your travel with your spouse.

1. Start Planning As Early as Possible

In the same manner, that you started planning for your wedding early, you want to do the same for your honeymoon as well. Traveling takes a lot of time and effort, and with the added stress of planning your wedding at the same time, you want to make sure that your honeymoon will go smoothly as well. After all, it is your first trip with your spouse so you want to make good memories. When you research and book early, chances are you can even get cheaper tickets which is good because you would have spent a lot of money on the wedding.

2. Pick Your Location Based On The Activities You Want To Do

There are a variety of specific locations you can go to in Bali, and you can choose depending on the type of activity you want to do. If you’re a fan of the movie Eat, Pray, Love, for example, you want to stay in Ubud, but take note that there are no beaches there. Instead, you can find rice paddies and jungles. Other places you can go can be Nusa Dua, where there are great water sports activities, and Seminyak, where you can catch great sunrises by the beach. Do your research, and ask your spouse about the activities you can do so that you can plan your trip well.

travel, travel destination, travel tips, traveling, traveling activities, Indonesia

3. Soak In The Culture Of Bali

Because it’s your honeymoon, you may be tempted to spend most days in the villa with your spouse. But don’t forget to visit some of the many tourist spots in Bali. Not only are there great beaches and jungles, you can even go visit a volcano and some temples. Don’t forget to try some of the local delicacies to really get a taste of Bali.

4. Be Smart With Your Choice Of Accommodation And Transportation

Bali is known for its many villas that offer great privacy and luxury to its customers. Check out some of best place to honeymoon in Bali here so that you can make the best choice for you and your partner. Being that it is a honeymoon, you want to choose a place where you can both feel relaxed of course. Don’t forget to also check out the mode of transportation you will use as you go around. Some of the places are quite far from each other so it might be a good idea to pre-book your transportation for the duration of your stay.

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