5 Tips To Buying Camping Equipment For The First Time

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Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities especially in today’s generation of technology. Camping allows us to disconnect with the world and just enjoy the raw beauty of Mother Nature. Camping also allows us to spend time and bond with our loved ones without the use of smartphones and other high-tech gadgets that would just take away our full attention. It is in camping where some people find their true selves, realize their true goals and most especially find their true feelings. There is that magical mood that is exclusive to camping that makes us just connect with our souls and just discover our innermost feelings.

As for family camping, it is a very useful activity to teach our kids on how to survive using natural tools, how to gather and prepare food without the use of appliances. Basically, it is where we teach our young ones the basic skills in surviving which will definitely be very helpful as they grow up.

That being said, with all the benefits and fun camping can offer. One can only enjoy them by having the proper tools and gear that will allow the camping activity a success. No matter what, camping is not a Spartan training which requires us to go through extreme situations. Proper gear and equipment are still needed to make the activity safe and sound. And to help you with that, below are 5 tips to buying camping equipment for the first time.

Make a checklist

Before you shop and buy your camping gear and equipment, make sure that you have a checklist of the things that you actually need for the activity. Trust me, most people just buy cooking pots and stove only to end up forgetting about the fuel or gas for the stove. Camping is all about preparedness. Thus, make a checklist and ensure that you will get them all. Tents, sleeping pods, flashlights, lanterns, cooking utensils, stove and fuel, fire starter, trash bags are just some of the basic things that need to be on the checklist.

camping, outdoors, travel, travel adventures, travel tips, traveling, traveling activities

Plan for emergencies

Of course, we don’t want accidents to happen. That’s the sole reason why we are preparing. However, some things are just out of our control and accidents may sometimes happen. And in these cases, a plan is also needed. Talk to residents near your camping area and ask them to respond to your signal flare or whatever set-up you agree to in case unfortunate incidents happen. You can also ask a trusted friend to come to your rescue in case you and your family doesn’t arrive at your home after your schedule of return.

Get a guide

Even if you’re a seasoned camper or hiker, always make sure that you have a local guide in your group. Guides will be the one to maneuver and help you avoid unnecessary and unsafe routes in your camping experience.

Read reviews about different camping equipment and brand

One of the most effective methods to ensure the quality of the camping equipment that you are buying is by reading reviews about them online. There are a ton of websites that offer reviews about certain products like Planet Camping. They also have their own take on some equipment and would give you some useful suggestions. Thus, visiting these sites will be of great help.


Finally, only buy camping equipment that offers a warranty. Warranties are the proof of the manufacturer’s confidence in their products. Unless they aren’t confident with their products, then they wouldn’t offer warranties such as money-back or replacement schemes.

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