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postcrossing enthusiasts second eb!

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On May 27, the little man + I braved the Sunday traffic to go to Manila for the Second Eye Ball of our Postcrossing Enthusiast Group on Facebook.  There were only a few number of participants, but I am glad that I was able to make it + was able to meet new members that I have not even swapped with postcards before.

While everyone else is busy checking out metal cabinets or whatever items on sale at the mall for that day, + while everyone is deciding which food items to order from the food court, we’ve found this little nook + got ourselves seated comfortably. + thus, our EB commenced.

There were only 9 of us in attendance, not really promising in numbers, I know, but it was all good! We were able to share some interesting items about ourselves at the start of the get-together + had a few hours of exchanging stories + experiences. I have heard a lot of interesting stories + saw so many interesting postcards. One member found this sweet penfriend from Europe who wanted to literally adopt him as a son + he showed us a scrapbook filled with her letters, photos + knickknacks. Would you believe that she even sends dried flowers + blooms from her garden? One day, I’d love to find a penfriend like her! 🙂

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the busy postcrossers + the honorary members 😀

Another postcrosser showed us her very beautiful collection of ATC’s or artist trading cards. It was actually the first time I’ve heard of such things + I was amazed at how lovely their handmade cards are. Now, I cannot join a swap like this much as I’d like to, I really have no talent in drawing, see! 🙁

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Other members also showed their growing postcard collections, one is even neatly placed in an album, which actually inspire me to put mine in an album, too, so that I can easily stash it in my bag on our next meet-up! Pat, who was in Singapore recently, even brought some souvenir postcards, it is just too bad I was not able to get one. Anyhoo, it was fine by me, since I got these lovely international postcards + a stack of Mickey Mouse stickers, as well as a beautiful loot bag from Japan, courtesy of our fellow member, Clarissa, + got this stationery set + a yellow book from, {yes, that one existed, too! :)}

The meet up went well + I cannot wait to attend the next one which shall be slated on July 28. Hopefully, I’d be able to acquire a few cute items to give to participants as tokens. What do you think of a cute, little notebook or a set of rubber stamps? 😉

I shall share more of the goodies I got from the meet, as well as my Postcrossing Enthusiasts Second Meet-up signed postcards which I shall be mailing to my swap friends real soon! 🙂

photo credits for the last 2 images go out to sis Willa, who blogs at Postcard Perfect 🙂

march’s top commentators

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Time again to roll out appreciation to people who’ve been visiting + leaving their comments. I must admit, I have neglected this blog in more ways than one + I have loads of things to post about. Hopefully, I will be able to do that this month, + you will still visit to check out the updates. Thank you so much to the following top commentators! 🙂

I have a few goodies to send for April’s top commentator, so I hope there will be a great turn out this month. I will tell you more about the freebies in a future blogs post. Happy April + may we all have a meaningful Lenten celebration. It is also the most opportune time to travel + have that vacation with the family, so go ahead + indulge. Just stay safe on the road as you meander! 😉

february top commentators

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A big thank you to everyone who’s been patiently visiting this travel/postcard blog, although I have not been able to update this much + was not able to post a lot lately. I am guilty as charged, but, I do hope I come up with more interesting posts real soon + I do hope I see you here more often.

My top commentators for February are {drum roll, please :)}:

Jonathan Blaza Jonathan Blaza (3)
Jonathan Jonathan (2)
Ane Ane (1)
Arlene Arlene (1)
Gaylee Gaylee (1)
High Tea High Tea (1)
house of P house of P (1)
jack jack (1)
Postcards Crossing Postcards Crossing (1)

I shall send something in the mail for my top commentator, so I hope you watch out for it! Thanks again! 😀

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan ~ Email Subscription


Time again for the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan + the task for this week is to subscribe to each other via e-mail. Perfect timing, since I’ve just been building up the following for this travel + postcard blog + have not really gotten around to coercing my friends to subscribe 😉 So, be such a darling + subscribe to my blog thru email, the subscription widget is just there in my sidebar, I will be more than happy to return the favor 🙂

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