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Zobel Postcard Book from the Ayala Museum

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I got this Zobel postcard book from Ayala Museum through a private swap with fellow PE member Philip. He sent it through registered mail in January, just so I can be sure to receive them.

These are mostly oil on canvas paintings by Fernando Zobel dated between 1924 and 1984. Don’t you think they are lovely?

postcards, postcard books, art cards

The postcard book is composed of 20 postcards and costs Php150. A very good buy if you’d ask me. You can only buy them from Ayala Museum in Makati City. I am not sure when I can go there so am really thankful that Philip agreed to swap with me in exchange for any 20 postcards from my collection. Thanks ever so much!

I would love to swap these cards for any shaped cards you can offer. You can view the rest of my Zobel postcards album, as well as the rest of my collection for swap, here.

A Self-made Valentine Postcard

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I received this handmade postcard just in time for Valentine’s. I am not so creative that is hwy I am really impressed with everything handmade, especially elaborate ones.

The glittered heart is simply a star won’t you agree?

Sandra, who also sent me this vintage Manila map cards in exchange for 5 different cards wrote this at the back:

Dear Vix,

Wishing you a world full of love on Valentine’s Day and always!

Thank you Sandra for this lovely card!  🙂

another art card from russia

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Here is another official postcard {ID #: RU-1090259} + it is a painting of a little girl playing with sands in the shore. I love this very simply yet beautiful painting. I noticed that there are a lot of art cards like this coming from Russia, it probably goes to show that they have a lot of gifted painters there over the years. These revered artists, much like gold chains for a lady who collects finer pieces of jewelries, are a treasure to the Russian nation + I bet it feels good for its people to propagate + spread that love around the world through postcards. 😉

Thanks, Olya, for this card. I always enjoy receiving colorful art cards. Hopefully I’d get another one in the mail real soon! 😉

postcard perfect: a mother + child postcard from canada

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I love this artsy-fartsy blank-and-white art postcard that is why I chose to swap with it, in the first place. I guess it depicts a subject close to my heart, which is motherhood, not to mention the photo is actually very beautiful!

If you’d ask me the mother reminds me so much of Madonna! 😉

Analen wrote this message at the back of the card:

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That’s exactly what I did! + guess it jumpstarts the little man’s habit of pretending that every mother + child he saw on the tellie were mum + him!

Thanks Nalen for the nifty idea + for sending me this lovely photo art, too, along with a bunch of other postcards from Canada, which I shall be sharing in my upcoming posts! She blogs at Postcards Made in Heaven, by the way!


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