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florida meet-up card

Florida, postcards, meet-up cards

Meet-up cards are one of the most fun cards to receive. It not only showcases lovely places I’d love to visit one day or messages + photos at times, too, but they also include a number of signatures of postcrossers from other parts of the world who were present at the meet up. I guess that what makes them more precious.

So, you can just imagine the wide smile on my face when I got this Florida meet-up card on my mailbox. I just love the yellow card which clearly symbolizes the “Sunshine State.”

Oh well, Florida sure is one of the places I would love to visit if I had the chance, The Disney World Resort in Orlando alone is enough to get me packing my bags tomorrow if I had the means to travel now! The little one will be like a toddler’s heaven to see all of his Disney characters come to life! I bet they have parties there all the time for kiddos + adults alike, I bet those blaring jbl mrx512m surely added to the jovial + festive mood that surrounds this wonderful place, too!

postcards, Florida, meet-up cards

I got this card in January + sadly I was not able to recall now who sent it in the first place. Am sure the information is just sitting somewhere in me inbox but I haven’t got the time of day to go through them now. Will be sure to update this once I do! 🙂

Got any meet-up postcards lately? Do share them with me, won’t you? 😉