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Windmills From Bangui Souvenirs

souvenirs, Ilocos Norte

Don’t you just think these diminutive windmills are so cute? They are replicas of the windmills found in Bangui in Ilocos Norte. Jared’s dad was recently there for a four-day work-related activity and he got me these as pasalubong. If you must know the tiny turbines actually rotate which make these little ref magnets very fun and enjoyable toys for the little man, too! He cannot put them down the first few hours that he got them! 😀

I simply love these ref magnets from Ilocos, a perfect addition to my slow-growing collection. It now seats in my refrigerator door with the rest of my ref magnet treasures. Hopefully one day soon I will be able to see the real thing and get some more souvenirs from that place.

A Parcel from Indonesia

Indonesia, swapping, postcards, souvenirs

I receive this little envelope from Indonesia a few months back. I really love receiving surprises from the mail, especially envelopes filled with wonderful goodies that I am not even expecting! So you can just imagine how thrilled I am to get this one 🙂

Turned out it came from one of the people from a swap game I participated in last December. I was not able to get the very first envelope she send and it was too kind of her to volunteer to send me another one and it was a good thing I received it this time! Apart from the postcards, she also filled the envelope with other lovely stuff from her country!

Indonesia, swapping, postcards, souvenirs

The parcel includes the following surprises: Continue reading

a souvenir from vietnam

souvenirs, Vietnam

One of the lovely souvenirs I got from our recently concluded Postcrossing Meet-up is this cool lady-with-a-traditional-guitar bookmark from Vietnam. One of our members recently had a trip there + was so gracious enough to bring us some pasalubong. I simply love this lady, maybe they out to make a variation with her holding one of those cool epiphone acoustic guitars at musicians friend or other traditional string instruments, too!

souvenirs, Vietnam

The bookmark also looks perfect with my book + I will make it my regular reading companion from now on! Bookmarks are some of the things I’d love to collect, especially the beautiful + interesting-looking ones, + this one from Vietnam is a perfect addition to my collection!

Thanks so much to sis Arlene for this lovely gift! 😉

buying souvenirs when you travel

It is part of the colorful Filipino culture to bring home souvenirs or what we call in our vernacular as pasalubong whenever we go on trips or vacations. In fact, even those who leave the house daily for work or other matters will also readily bring home something for the people left at home as pasalubong. I guess we are thoughtful like that!

There are multitudes of stuff that can be considered as pasalubong, it can be expensive TAG Heuer watches a balikbayan {or that person who’s living abroad + was not able to go home for years} is giving his loved ones at home when he returns, a keychain or a knitted stuffs from Baguio, or sweets + other native delicacies that can only be found in the place a person has recently visit. It does not really matter how much these little trinkets cost, what actually matters is the thought + the smile on everyone’s faces when they see the bag of goodies you brought home for them!

If I get to travel this year, I will be sure to get a lot of pasalubong, + who knows I might even get some for a lucky reader of my blog 😉