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2012 meanders in

2012, greetings

Happy 2012 to all!

For a change, we decided to stay in all day just so we can avoid the hustle + bustle, not to mention the stress that go about with it, of the New Year holiday frenzy outside. Cooped up, we enjoyed each other’s company + feast on what ever’s left of our Media Noche. It was indeed a relaxing + stress-free way to welcome the New Year!

Now time to catch up on my postcrossing + plot new + exciting travel adventures with the family. Nothing grand really + I still have to skive off Boracay + Hongkong Disneyland again this year in favor of less-costly + hopefully-more-achievable ones. Oh well, I am thinking of a quick summer getaway to Amana, which is not really far from where we are, or Subic, maybe, or maybe we’ll catch up with StarCity before it closes down for another hiatus. I have not seen the Christmas Village in SM North Edsa, either, + I would love to visit it before the exhibit closes.

Everything is really up in the air still + I have yet to figure out where to get the budget for these adventures, too! ^_^

Well, anyway, here’s a toast to more adventures + meanderings this New Year! Cheers!

image from Mr. G