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US State Map Cards: South Carolina

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It sure has been particularly quiet around here. This blog, along with the foodie and health and fitness blog, has to take the backseat while I tinker on the mum blog. Nowadays, I was too caught up with mummyhood, the mum blog also has to take the backseat. Been trying my best to draw the little one away from these mobile game apps and youtube, that I am also intentionally keeping myself away from going online, especially when I do not have pressing deadlines and during weekends.

Oh well, I guess it does not help either that our plan to travel more this year did not come to fruition, but hey, there are still a few more months left before 2015 ends and we can still probably squeeze in a couple of travel and outdoor adventures. We have just also been to Museo Pambata twice and have already been to Kidzania, where the little man cannot wait to go, during his school field trip. I hope I find enough time to share about our adventure here real soon.

Anyways, onto the main reason why I am writing this post. I have recently received this South Carolina US State Map card and I am really delighted that I am ticking another card off this 50-card collection. I am just a couple of cards away from completing this set and it is really getting quite exciting! I am glad that I have managed to swap with a couple of lovely people in order to get these cards. Continue reading

Massachusetts State Map Card

postcards, map cards, 50 US States map cards

Here is another beautiful map card to add to my 50 US States map card collection.

This map card features some of the most famous landmarks in Massachusetts, including the Capitol Building, Faneuil Hall, Pilgrim Memorial and Maple Sugar. It also shows the industries in which the State is well-known for like fishing, paper mills, jewelry, textile, chemicals and shoes. I bet you can also find a couple of flyer prints company in this state even when the map card won’t show it.

The map card also shows a couple of interesting information about the state of Massachussets:

  • State Capital ~ Boston
  • State Bird ~ Chickadee
  • State Flower ~ Arbutus

Kelly who send this card lives in Pittsfield, a 3-hour drive from the state capital that has mountains and beautiful beaches as well as lighthouses in the coast.

New Jersey Map Card

map cards, 50 USA States Map Cards, New Jersey

Here is a new addition to my growing US 50 States Map card collection, the New Jersey Map card! This was sent to me by Stephen, a middle school teacher who probably went looking for uniforms and these map cards in a local shop. 🙂 He is from one of my various swap groups on Facebook. I got it a few months back.

Here are a few tidbits of information about this State:

  • State Capital is Trenton
  • It is third of the original 13 states
  • State motto is “Liberty and prosperity”
  • State Tree is Red Oak
  • State Flower is Bogbice Violet
  • State Bird is Eastern Goldfinch

Stephen wrote this at the back of the card:

Glad we could swap cards. I spent a couple of weeks in New Jersey working in June. Normally I am in the L.A. area where I work as a middle school teacher. Best wishes! 

Thanks so much for this beautiful card! ^_^

a mapcard from florida

postcards, map cards, Florida, 50 US States Map Cards

I guess I have mentioned one too many times that I’d love to collect map cards of all the 50 States in the US, I have been making slow progress, but it is not a problem. Just as long as I get to complete my collection in my own sweet time, I’ll be happy! I’ve also mentioned about a Florida map card that I wish to include in my collection, but, alas, I was not able to have one of those yet. But I am delighted that I got this Florida map card, instead. Isn’t it lovely? 🙂

Here are some interesting facts about this state:

  • State Capital is Tallahasee
  • it is the 4th most populous state
  • it’s name now is derived from La Florida, meaning “The Flower Land,” given by the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce De Leon in 1513
  • it is well-know for the production of oranges, The Kennedy Space Center + a wide bevy of amusement parks, Disney World Resort, included
  • it was also the origin of opus x cigars until the owner decided to move his business to Dominican Republic
Here’s what the back of the card looks liked. I love the interest stamps that went with it, too! 🙂

postcards, map cards, Florida, 50 US States Map Cards

Thanks Zina for sending me this wonderful map card. I look forward to swapping with you again soon! 🙂