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5 Things To Think About When Deciding Where To Buy A Vacation Home

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A vacation home is where you will spend most of your holiday time so you need to ensure that it is a peaceful place that will give you comfort as you relax and take a break from your busy life. You can find your ideal vacation home in many places if you take time to assess your needs and research, such as Mykonos Estates. On this note, there are things you should think about when you are deciding where to buy a vacation home.

Distance from where you live

If you intend to visit your vacation home often, then you should not buy it far from your primary residence. In fact, a majority of homebuyers prefer the location of vacation homes that are within a driving distance from their homes.

Will it meet your needs in future?

Will your vacation home be suitable for your needs many years from now? When you are buying, you should consider long-term needs.  For instance, will space fit your growing family? Can you live in the home in your sunset years in case you intend to use it for your retirement or it will have to be modified? Is it too far from the road?

travel, travel tips, travel adventures, traveling, traveling activities, accommodations

Will you rent it out?

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5 Tips To Finding Housing As A Student

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There are many ideal places that a student can choose to reside in. For instance, one can reside in student rooms which offer good housing as well as safety and resources. In order to help you find good housing, here are a few tips.

Choose affordable housing

As a student, you will be relying mostly on your student loans to cover most of your expenses, for example, food, housing and clothing, as well as a part of your tuition fees. The loan will be quite stretched and you, therefore, have to be wise and save as much money as you can. While looking for a place to stay, consider the location and make sure it will not be a posh place where the rent will be quite expensive. By all means, look for a quality, safe place to reside but be wise and select a location with affordable rent that fits within your budget.

Select your roommates

Having roommates is a great way to cost share on various expenses such as rent and food. It also is a lot of fun to have a bunch of people to hang out with in the evenings after classes. The wrong type of roommates, however, may be a nightmare as some may tend to be quite difficult to deal and interact with. To be on the safe side, pick out the people you would like to share an apartment with yourself. This way, you will get to select individuals that you can easily interact with and have no issues.

Consider the location

Being a student, you have to put various things into consideration while selecting a suitable place to live. For instance, you have to consider the proximity of the house to the campus. You wouldn’t want to be late for your classes due to a large amount of time taken to get to campus if you live far away. Moreover, living near to the campus has an added advantage as you can get to attend campus events with ease as well as stay in late at the library to catch up on some reading and have no qualms about going home. Consider the location of various amenities such as hospitals and supermarkets which come in handy. Continue reading

View Park Hotel in Tagaytay

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The Purple Room {now, I’d like to stay in one of those :)}

I have been meaning to bring the little man to Tagaytay for Christmas but our plans did not push through last year. I am actually keeping my fingers crossed that we get to visit the lovely place this time around. I would love for Jared to see the picturesque Tall Volcano and Lake, as well as check out visitors’ favorite like the Picnic Grove, Tagaytay Highlands, People’s Park, as well as the new attraction there, the Sky Ranch. Personally, I would also like to re-visit Mushroom Burger and have a healthy meal or two, and check out Sonya’s Garden and Paradizoo, where we can see a number of interesting animals.

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one of the beautiful bathrooms

One of the best accommodations you might want to check out when you are also planning for your family trip this December is the View Park Hotel, located in Calamba Road, which is just a few minutes away from the famous attractions in the country’s Second Summer Capital. They offer affordable packages to fit anyone’s budget. They also have an assortment of room accommodations sizes for anyone’s board and lodging needs. Choose from a number of Standard Rooms, Family Suite, Executive Room, among other accommodation packages. Each room is also fully air-conditioned and equipped with Wi-Fi access, flat screen TV, mini bar with fridge, hot and cold water with toiletries, as well as complimentary breakfasts. They also have Body Shop bath kit for the Executive Suite, as well as bath tubs on selected rooms. With those outstanding amenities and more, it is no wonder why View Park Hotel is a go-to place in Tagaytay for both business and leisure travelers who search for comfortable rooms, good service, and good food.

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a view from the poolside

Located right across Picnic Grove, View Park Hotel, a consistent placer in Tripidadvisor’s Top 10 Business Hotels in Tagaytay, recently expanded to continue to ensure newly built areas and facilities for successful dream wedding and corporate events. They also offer spa and swimming pool facilities, as well as free admission for children 8 years and below.

I really hope we can go see Tagaytay this year, and if we get lucky I wish we can stay at the View Park Hotel even just for a night!

View Park Hotel Tagaytay
3500 Calamba Road, Sungay East, Tagaytay City
:phone: {046} 483-54667
:cell: 0922-885-1516/0999-883-9460
:mail: sales@viewparkhotel.com
:computer: www.viewparkhotel.com

images are from the View Park Hotel website


A Family Overnight Hotel Stay

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As a prelude to Mother’s Day, we spent a night in one of the hotels in Quezon City. I got free accommodations to Sir William’s Hotel from an event I participated in last year and thought of using it before it expires this June. So I whisk my little family of three to the city one Saturday of May. We called the hotel earlier on to reserve us a room and I was glad that one of their rooms is available on the date we chose.

We were running a bit late that day since we had to do an errand before leaving. We even made a quick stop to the local McDonald’s to grab a quick lunch and get the little man a free Ironman poster! Surprisingly, it also rained that day that we had to call the hotel’s reception to inform them that we are on our way.

We went straight to the hotel’s basement where the parking is located before we heading to the hotel’s main desk. Checking in was easy-breezy. They just had to confirm my reservation after I presented my gift voucher. We also had to pay Php360 for service charge and an additional Php500 for key deposit {which will be refunded upon check out}.

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We were given the suite room on the fifth floor which is ridiculously big for the three of us! There was even a receiving room where we can entertain a guest or two during the prescribed visiting hours. Apart from being big in size, there is nothing really exceptional about our hotel suite. What bothered me is that we even had to call in and request for toiletries after checking that they are noticeably absent from the bathroom. It was a good thing I packed a set of toiletries for us but I happen to forget stashing a tube of toothpaste and a bath soap.  🙁

We watched a bunch of the little man’s favorite cartoons on Disney Junior and Cartoon Network and went to check out the pool upstairs later in the afternoon. Jared enjoyed swimming in the pool. Good thing I packed his floaters because there was no kiddie pool available. We swam for a few hours until we decided to go back to our room.

We did not want to go through the hassle of dining out so we decided to order room service and had dinner in the hotel while Jared busied himself watching animated cartoon films on his dad’s external drive which we packed for this stay. We loved the adobo we ordered. The pancit is also good but Jared only had a few spoonfuls not wanting to be disturbed from the Peter Pan film he was watching at the time.

We had a “New Girl” marathon after dinner. The little man was off to zzz land after a couple of episodes and his dad followed after a few more. I planned to finish all two seasons of this funny sitcom that stars Zooey Deschanel but was having an eye strain by the 8th episode that I decided to hit the sheets and sleep with my two boys instead.

By the time we woke up the following morning we were surprised to find out that it was already 9am. Jared’s dad and I agreed that we have not slept in this late for a very long time. He decided to go out and buy breakfast. We also ate the leftover pancit from last night’s dinner after which, we were already preparing ourselves and our stuff to check out.

Staying in a hotel sure is a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend quality time with the family. A day way from our usual day-to-day activities sure is a very welcome change. I hope to do this adventure again soon with my boys.Thank you’s go out to the staff of Sir William’s Hotel for accommodating us!  😀

Sir William’s Hotel
#39 Timog Avenue, Quezon City
{02}371-4333 to 48