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postcard perfect: a snowman from belarus

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I got this very nice postcard last January. Apart from being my very first one that features a snowman in it, this is also the first time I am receiving a card from Belarus. Here are a few trivia on this country according to Mr. Wiki:

  • a country in Eastern Europe, bordered clockwise by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest
  • it is officially the Republic of Belarus, with Minsk as the Capital city {+ the largest one, too}
  • its currency is Belarusian Rubble
  • its people are called Belarusian

The postcard came with this equally lovely stamps, which, now that I think about it, makes my postcard a maxicard, right? Oh well, maxicard or not, I just love this postcard. This came from Lana-Minks of Postcrossing.com 🙂

postcards, postcard perfect, souvenirs, Belarus

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