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beautiful birds stamps

For today’s Sunday Stamps, here are a number of bird stamps that I have received in my imaginary mailbox. The first set is sent from a direct swap with someone from Hong Kong for a number of cool Lightning McQeen and his gang postcards for the little man. The birds featured in these stamps include: scarlet minivet, collared owls, fork-tailed sun bird, white-bellied sea eagle. They all lovely won’t you agree?

The second set of birds stamps of green-winged pigeons is sent by a friend who went to Malaysia earlier this year and was gracious enough to send me a lovely postcard of the place.

The third set of stamps are also from Malaysia, which I got from a direct swap in one of our Postcrossing group, this comes with a beautiful postcard of the lovely buildings in the country.

Oh well, I hope you like all these birds stamp I share with you today. Will be back for more stamps next weekend. Happy postcrossing and have an equally enjoyable Sunday! ^_^