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New Barasoain Church Postcard

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My sister, whom I must admit is now more hooked on postcrossing than I am, recently discovered this new Barasoain Church postcard from the local Pandayan Bookstore branch. I love these Barasoain Church cards because I send them to my newly-found postcrossing friends or whenever I sign up to send a card through Postcrossing.com.

A little bit about Barasoain Church

Barasoain Church, built in 1888, is a distinguished landmark in our city and in the province of Bulacan. Located at Paseo del Congreso Street, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish plays an essential role in our town and province’s rich and beautiful history. Although I have never visited the place in a while, I used to frequent it in College and it was also where my little man was baptized 7 years ago. Locals and tourist visit the church on a regular basis to see its charm up-close. It was renovated in 1998, in time for the Philippine Centennial celebration and the inauguration of then president, Joseph Estrada. A replica of our beloved church can also be found at Nayong Pilipino at the Clark Freeport Zone.

It was good that my sister decided to get multiple copies of this card. I will be writing one during my downtime this week and will send it to a dear friend in Ohio. I sure hope she likes it. I need a few more copies to send to my other friends and I hope there are more stocks available when I go to the bookstore this weekend. While I am at it, I might as well check if they carry musiciansfriend.com trumpets in their music section, too!

Would you like to receive this lovely Barasoain Church card? Comment your mailing address along with your answer to the questions why you’d love to get this card below, I might just send one in your mailbox soon! ^_^

Bulacan Daily: Sining Pandayan 2016

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image from the Pandayan website

I have been too preoccupied with other things that Fiesta Republika came and went without me partaking in at least one of the many colorful activities they have lined up to commemorate the very first Philippine Republic formed in Malolos City centuries ago. It was too late when I chanced upon the tarps and the banners promoting the activities around the city in time for the festival. I’d be sure to keep an eye out on this celebration next year so we can participate.

Anyways, we had a chance to go out of our cocoon early this month for the Million Volunteer Run 3 {which I have yet to post on ze mum blog, by the way} and just in the nick of time as I saw this banner hanging at the eaves of Graceland Mall coming from the event at the Capitolyo Park.

There were similar art fairs held in Glorietta and Trinoma recently that I was really raring to check out and hoping to purchase a couple of brush pens to jump-start my calligraphy journey this year. But I was not able to make it on either of these fairs. Good thing one will be held soon and just here in my city!

Sining Pandayan 2016 will be held this coming 22-23 February, 2016 at the Hiyas ng Bulacan Convention Center at the Capitolyo Grounds. Here are the list of the activities for the event:

  • Likhang Kamay: Arts & Crafts Fair ~ 22 & 23 February, 2016, 7am
  • Pandayan Bookshop 3rd Poster Making Contest ~ 22 February, 2016, 11am
  • Dance Sculpture Competition ~ 23 February, 2016, 11am
  • Caricature Seminar for Teachers ~ 22 & 23 February, 2016, 7am

The fair will be open from 7am-5pm and admission is only Php10, so if you happen to be free on these days, do not forget to check out the Sining Pandayan 2016 and have an enjoyable day making the crafter and the creative in you happy! For more information, visit the Pandayan website here: http://linkis.com/pandayan.com.ph/SU4pM.

Bulacan Daily: Happy 435th Foundation Day to The Province of Bulacan!

Today marks the 435th Foundation Day of our beautiful province and to commemorate it President Benigno Aquino III declared August 15 as a special non-working day in the province of Bulacan {this is based from The New Provincial Administrative Code of Bulacan, Chapter II, Section 14, Foundation Day and Section 27, The Provincial Legal Holidays}.

The day will be marked by a simple celebration in front of the Provincial Capitol building starting at 7.30am. A mass will be held and will be followed by a wreathe-laying ceremony at Gen. Gregorio Del Pilar’s Monument by the officials of the province, headed by Gov. Willy Alvarado and Vice Gov. Daniel Fernando.

Here is a quote from the our Governor:

“Ang hanay ng kasaysayan at kulturang iminulat ng ating mga ninuno ay itinuturing na ehemplo sa pinagmulan ng mga Bulakenyo. Sa ating pagtutulungan at pagkakaisa ay unti-unting naibabalik na natin ang Bulacan sa pedestal na dapat lamang tuntungan ng isang bayaning lalawigan. Sa ating tining ng loob at tibay ng paninindigan, ang ating pagsasanib-adhika ay nagbukas ng panibagong kabanata ng pag-asa at pananalig sa pusong magiting at diwang maalab ng mga Bulakenyo,” 

To all the Bulakeños, a happy Bulacan Day to you!

source: http://www.bulacan.gov.ph/newsarticle.php?id=1731

bulacan daily: indigenous products + entertainment at dayaw festival 2012

Bulacan Daily, Bulacan, Dayaw Festival 2012

We were treated to a number of indigenous form of entertainment at this year’s Dayaw Festival hosted by my province, Bulacan. Along with 3 of my postcrossing friends, Kendrick and the little man, we spent the afternoon listening to tribe music and outstanding performances by some of the most distinguished local tribes in the country.

Bulacan Daily, Bulacan, Dayaw Festival 2012

these photos were taken by my friend, Willa, who blogs at The Blogging Traveller

It was not the first time I’ve encountered them and it sure is quite an experience of a lifetime to be with these  people. Clad in their traditional attires and free from our modern-day worries and social network entanglements. Instead of mobile phones, you’d see them holding busog and palaso {bow and arrow}, and instead of tablets or other high-tech gadgets, you’d see them ensconced in one corner playing, not a cheap yamaha clarinet, but  local and traditional wind or string instrument. I find their music rather soothing to the nerves and it was a perfect way to loosen-up on a hot afternoon.

Bulacan Daily, Bulacan, Dayaw Festival 2012

Apart from this encounter with our indigenous brothers, we also had the chance to be treated to a wide assortment of their products and wares. Items ranging from  precious jewelry to pearl items, to authentic hand-woven products are on sale at the festival, too. I was not able to look around much, having a rambunctious toddler to follow around but I was able to get these lovely candy cane Christmas decor made from recycled materials. They now hang proudly on my Christmas tree 🙂

Sure is one amazing experience and I would love to do it again!