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bulacan daily: singkaban 2012

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If I did not pursue our plan to go out yesterday I wouldn’t have known that Singkaban 2012 is in full bloom in our city’s capitol! A trade fair is in the works + a lot of exhibitors, with products ranging from native kakanin, leather products, clothes, among others, joined in the festivities near the Capitol compound. Even the provincial Capitol is in a festive mood, adorned with lights + colorful decorations + bustling with activities. Anyway, although I did not get to browse around much on the shops, much more buy anything I fancied, it was one afternoon well spent as me + the little man wanders around the park as well as that little park in front of the Capitol building {sorry I do not know what they call it!}.

The park was full of people that afternoon, mostly students from the nearby Bulacan State University + some others who probably wants to join in on the fun at the fair. Other days, the park stage would be busy with a Balagtasan or a dance contest, but the programs have probably ended when we arrived as it is almost 5pm when head out the door.

For those who are in the dark, * Singkaban is the common name for Sining at Kalinangan ng Bulacan, which Bulakeños celebrate during Linggo ng Bulacan {September 8-15}. It is a week-long + province-wide celebration comprised of various colorful cultural presentations, arts + skills competition of Balagtasan + Kundiman, art + culinary exhibits, + capped by the prestigious Dangal ng Lipi Awards Night. This is a festival of arts + culture honoring the Capitol’s patron saint, Our Lady of Victory. 

Anyhoo, here is the complete list of activities for Singkaban 2012 in case any of you will be interested to participate:

Weeklong Activites {September 08-15}

  • Trade Exhibit ~ 8am, Gat. Blas F. Ople Bldg.
  • Lakan Sining Exhibit ~ 8am, Gat. Blas F. Ople Bldg.
  • Dakilang Bulakenyo Series: Eusebeo “Maestrong Sebyo” Roque ~ 8am, Gat. Blas F. Ople Bldg.
  • Kakarong Show ~ 9am + 1pm, Nicanor Abelardo Auditorium
September 11
  • KBS Rewaynd Finals {Kumpetisyong Bayan sa Singkaban} ~ 1-5pm, Hiyas Pavilion
September 13
  • El Pueblo Soberano 200 ~ 9am-5pm, Barcie
  • Reyna ng Bulacan Coronation Night ~ 6-9pm, Bulacan Capitol Gymnasium
September 14
  • Barong Bulakenyo ~ 6-8pm, Hiyas Pavilion
September 15
Hopefully we’d be able to participate in any of the Singkaban 2012 activities before they end. I definitely miss dabbling into these cultural preoccupation which I used to do when I was still a student ~ watching local plays at Hiyas Auditorium + checking out art exhibits. I also miss watching cultural programs, with traditional dances + music, with students clad in their Filipiniana costumes + others playing string instruments like the bandurya, or even ukelele. Sure is a fun + enjoyable show to watch.

Anyway, our wonderful afternoon stroll that day merits another post altogether so I’ll tell you all about next time! 😉

* Source: Wikipedia. org.

postcard perfect: malolos constitution

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I simply love this postcard I received yesterday as it features a historical event in my city ~ the Malolos Constitution, which was enacted by the Philippine Malolos Congress on 20 June, 1899. This paved the way to the establishment of the First Philippine Republic. Our city has really played a very vital role in our country’s rich history + needless to say I really feel proud to be living in this city! 😉

Another thing that’s so special about this card is that it is a postage prepaid postcard which means it can be sent to anywhere in the world without affixing postage stamps! Clever idea, right? I just wish I can look for this type of postcards locally so that I can send them to my swapmates all over the world, but, alas, local postcards are scarce around here + I really don’t know where to get them! 🙁

postcards, direct swaps, Malolos City, Bulacan, postcard perfect

Thanks Annie for this beautiful card + for the sweet note you wrote at the back! I simply ♥ it! ^_^

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st. agatha resort: a perfect summer destination in bulacan

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St. Agatha Resort is the perfect destination for a quick getaway this Holy Week weekend. Located in Guiguinto, Bulacan, this haven is just a 45-minute to 1-hour drive north of Metro Manila. It’s amusing that it is just a jeepney-ride away from our place but we have never really checked it out yet, + I am planning to do it very soon.

The lovely resort offers amenities including a wave pool, a lap pool + a kiddie pool, which will be perfect for my little man. + my, they also have a zip line, which I cannot wait to try. Apart from that, they also have various cottages to suit your accommodation needs, whether you are planning for a day trip or an overnight stay. Or if you want to vacation in style, you might as well check out their plush Hotel Pavilion. Among the additional service they offered is a water refilling station + a laundry service. Plus, they also have highly-qualified life guards to keep watch while you have fun with your families + friends.

For a very affordable rates of Php200 for adults + Php185 for kiddos for day swimming + Php500 for an open cottage that can accommodate up to 6-10 persons, I’d say this is at the top of my lists of places to visit this summer!

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Coincidentally, St. Agatha resort has a special promo for Php225 for Entrance Fee + zip line {which is originally priced at Php450. You can check out multiply.com for more details.

images are not mine + the first one is from stagatharesort.com