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bulacan daily:the cinemas at cabanas mall, malolos city

bulacan daily, Cabanas Mall, Malolos City

We have been to this side of town twice before, when mum + the little man had our much-needed haircut, but this is the first time that we are trying out their cinemas. We agreed to watch The Amazing Spider-Man that day + since it was rather tiring to go to Manila to do just that, we tried exploring local cinemas for a change. It was a good thing that this film is shown here when I checked their site a few days back.

The tickets sell at P125 + there is reserved seating. We are also advised to come at exactly 3pm for the 3.15 film showing. The cinema actually reminds me of the ones in Shangri-La and Trinoma, just the right size with the most comfortable seats. We enjoyed the film + we loved the experience so from here on, the Cinemas in Cabanas Mall will be our go-to cinema whenever we want to see a movie.

bulacan daily, Malolos City, Cabanas Mall

Apart from the cinemas, there are also restaurants + a few bar lining up the sides of the mall. To your left, there are establishments like the lone bookstore in the area, banks, salons, as well as a 24-7 convenient store. There is not much crowd here either, so it is perfect for a lazy afternoon stroll with the kiddo. If only they will add a grocery, a few more shops {another bookstore, perhaps} + a couple of fast foods, I guess people will be flocking to this place during weekends. I wish the management will make this a one-stop destination for the families in our city. I see no reason why you’d travel all the way to the malls in Manila or the neighboring towns, if you can have everything you need right here + it is just a jeepney-ride away from where we live.

Anyway, I shall write more about the film The Amazing Spider-Man, as well as an article on it insurance, on my mum blog one of these days. 😉