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lanzones festival in camiguin

postcards, Camiguin

Lanzones Festival, held every third day of October in Mambujao, Camiguin in Mindanao, is a 4-day grand celebration that showcases houses, carriages, street poles + people decorated with the lanzones fruit + leaves. 

Lanzones is one of my absolute favorite fruit. Back here at home we have the old belief about “paglilihi” where a pregnant woman would crave for one fruit or food during her pregnancy. Well, my Mama said that she would always crave for lanzones while she was pregnant with me. She said it also explains why I bruise easily, that I got the trait from the fruit! 😉

I am not sure whether that is just an old wife’s tale having not experienced the same when I was pregnant with my little man. I am craving, all right, but as I can clearly remember, I was craving for every bit of food imaginable {only to throw them up in the end ~ oopps, sorry about that!}

I bet those lanzones festival are really festive + colorful, maybe some of the participants even get to order beautiful flowers from Florist Express.net, to add into the happy atmosphere + make their homes even more colorful. Hopefully I’d get to attend one of those festivities in the future.

postcards, Camigui

Thanks to sis Arlene, who blogs at Postcards , for sending this colorful card on my imaginary mailbox! 🙂