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Stamps of The Arctic

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sorry for the blurry photo, my camera is wonky again 🙁

For this week’s Sunday Stamps, we are to share anything about the Arctic or Antartic. Only one thing actually came to my mind ~ polar bears! So I set off to rummage through all my postcards to check if I have anything polar bears and I guess it was my lucky day as I have found this lovely polar bear, which comes from a postcard sent to me from Canada by a friend.

stamps, Canada, Bulgaria, animals stamps

These set of stamps, on the other hand, depict the Gentoo Penguins from Bulgaria {scientific name: Pygoscelis Papua}. It came with a colorful map card of Bulgaria.

Check out more Arctic-related stamps here:

How to Holiday in Canada with Low Funds

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the famous Niagara Falls in Canada

The best part about a holiday in Canada is the fact that a lot of the best bits of your holiday cost you nothing – not a penny, not a cent. Of course, we are talking about the outdoors and fresh air, the sense of freedom, the wonderful scenery and of course, the weather. It’s a vast country and doing things on a budget shouldn’t be a problem, because there is so much choice.

Freebies and Early Planning of Your Visit

Numerous parks and trails abound in Canada and by carefully planning your itinerary to miss nothing out, planning is part of developing the excitement isn’t it? Whilst not free, of course, if you book your family ticket early through the internet, large savings can be made by buying ahead of time and it should save you the inconvenience of standing in long queues as well. From such a site as http://www.niagarafallstourism.com/packages/ you can get very worthwhile discounts for everyone to make a visit to the world famous Niagara Falls. Whether it is a day trip for the whole family or a short stay at a local hotel, the choice is entirely up to you. There is something available for all bank balances and to suit all tastes and income brackets.

Getting ideas is no problem when you go to look online and see what is on offer for your break or honeymoon. If it’s thrills and spills you seek or something a bit more leisurely, Canada has it all and various websites can also do you a tailored holiday suited to you and you alone. Canada is justly famous for its winter sports, wildlife holidays and water sports and can provide all the activities and excitement that most people can handle.

How to Get There and Economy Accommodation

Wherever you are coming from, whether it’s Europe or the USA, do check out the fares well in advance in order to take advantage of any big discounts on tickets. By registering your details with some sites you can get early notifications of any offers that you might like to take up. If you do book tickets at those well-known ‘last minute booking sites’, remember to factor in the bigger risks of disappointment as well. Accommodation available for the tourist or visitor, as you might expect, can be the full 5-star treatment or if you are on a tighter budget, enter ‘budget backpacker’ in your favorite ‘search engine’ and take your pick. You might see accommodation so low that you’ll be sorely tempted to get the Canadian map out and start planning your visit today.

There are ‘apps’ for your ‘iPhone’ available (key in ‘explore Canada like a local’) where you can plan your visit. Key it in before you leave home and it will suggest places to stay based on your available budget. Also available are budget car hire firms so, as you can see, Canada is open for business and tourists visiting. So whatever the balance in your bank account enjoy.

downtown barrie, canada

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I received this lovely postcard of Barrie, Canada a few months back. The city of Barrie is located in Southern Ontario. The well-known MacLaren Art Centre is located in Barrie. I wish I can walk past these clean streets + check out the various shops downtown. Just look at those beautiful windows! 😉

According to Annalyn {who shares her postcard collection at Postcards Made in Heaven, this is how most downtowns in Canada looked like. Thanks so much for sending this beautiful card + for this lovely yellow flower at the back! ^_^

Canada, postcards, direct swaps

 Sharing those wonderful Barrie windows through:

canada in winter

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This postcard sure sends chills down my spine + conjured images of fire pits from OutdoorFirePlacePros.com in my head. I can only imagine how winter was like in countries abroad. The rainy + stormy days home are enough to give me the quivers!

Given that, it did not make me love this postcard less. I love the drama the snow-capped pine trees makes + I sure would love to experience this before I die! 🙂

I got this postcard, ironically for Valentines of this year, from Jeanine, who wrote this message at the back:

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Thanks for sending this out to me, I love it! ♥

Thought I’d share this white trees + snow with: