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A Festive Card from Czech Republic

This card made me smile when I got it from the mail a few months ago. This is another official Postcrossing.com card with ID#: CZ-242044. This was mailed from Zlin by a 15-year old student, Yuuki.

This card has all the elements to one perfect celebration, won’t you agree? I particularly loved the bear playing what seems like one of those breedlove guitars from musicians friend!  😀 While his other furry friends join along to create the perfect party sound!

Don’t you just love the animals having a soiree and enjoying themselves? I do and thank you so much Yuuki for sending me this lovely card. How sweet of you to mention my little man on your message, too. And thanks for the beautiful stamp that you used on my card, as well!  :heart:

Tinkerbell Shaped Postcard

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Check out this lovely memento I got from the recent Postcrossing Philippines meet-up in Manila. it was a shaped  Tinkerbell card. The special card is also in commemoration of Disney’s 110th anniversary.

Isn’t she lovely? It brings to mind the lovely Disney World, complete with all the beautiful cartoon characters that me and my little man love, as well as the dazzling fireworks, the grand fountains and led pool lights. How I love to visit that place one day! Apart from that, this actually inspired me to collect more shaped cards to add to my growing collection. Hopefully, I can find more people to swap these cards with. I also hope I can find shaped cards locally.

Thank you so much mommy Clang for sending this! ^_^