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postcards from cebu + bohol

postcards, souvenirs, CebuMy sister went on a short trip to Cebu in March + apart from the “I ♥ Cebu” shirt + many local delicacies that she brought home as pasalubong or souvenirs ~ including biscocho {toasted bread}, danggit {dried fish}, butterscotch, piyaya + pinasugbu {a sweetened banana treat}, look what else she gave me ~ a stack of lovely postcards from Cebu + Bohol as she knows that I am a collector.

postcards, souvenirs, Cebu, Bohol

Cel got me the following cards:

  • A wide card of Mactan
  • Cebu’s Bantayan Island
  • A scenic photograph from Cebu
  • Tarsier from Bohol
  • The Loboc River

postcards, souvenirs, Bohol

I love all the cards she brought home + they now share a spot with the rest of my beautiful collection + no, I won’t be trading these lovelies as they are such keepers. I’d be happy to find you one in the local bookstore, though, in case you’d want to swap for one one! 😉