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Se-Tenant Stamps of The Master of Nets Garden, China

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I got these cool Se-Tenant stamps of The Master-of-Nets Garden in Sozhou, China when we went to Rizal Park earlier this year for our very first Postcrosser Meet-up for 2013 {which I have yet to write about, sorry for the delay}. We were unaware that a Filipino-Chinese Friendship celebration was to be held later that afternoon in a secluded portion of the park and curious as we are we went on to check what the festivities is all about after our meet-up.

Se-Tenet stamps, by definition, by the way, are stamps or labels printed from the same plate and sheet and adjoin one another, unsevered in a strip or block. {according to Wikipedia}.

stamps, China, se-tenant

While checking the beautiful photo exhibit, we chanced upon these lovely leaflets which the others just passed by and ignored. I grabbed one and inspect the publication. And what did I see inserted in one of the pages of this Chinese hand-out? That is right, the lovely Se-Tenant stamp, so the rest of my group meant to grab one for themselves, too! I actually got an extra copy which I gave to a good postcrosser friend.

This is my entry for this week’s:

stamps, China, se-tenant

an old building in china

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I simply love this old, traditional building in China. Don’t it remind you of those Chinese films? This is an official Postcrossing.com card which I got earlier this month  {ID #: 634224}. I wonder what those Chinese characters in front of the building say.

Jiang, who sent this, wrote this message on the back, too:

Sorry I do not have a map card at the moment. This card shows an old building which is used for a group of people discussing calligraphy + printing method. Hope you can enjoy! 

I did enjoy this card, thanks so much! 😉