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bulacan daily: indigenous products + entertainment at dayaw festival 2012

Bulacan Daily, Bulacan, Dayaw Festival 2012

We were treated to a number of indigenous form of entertainment at this year’s Dayaw Festival hosted by my province, Bulacan. Along with 3 of my postcrossing friends, Kendrick and the little man, we spent the afternoon listening to tribe music and outstanding performances by some of the most distinguished local tribes in the country.

Bulacan Daily, Bulacan, Dayaw Festival 2012

these photos were taken by my friend, Willa, who blogs at The Blogging Traveller

It was not the first time I’ve encountered them and it sure is quite an experience of a lifetime to be with these  people. Clad in their traditional attires and free from our modern-day worries and social network entanglements. Instead of mobile phones, you’d see them holding busog and palaso {bow and arrow}, and instead of tablets or other high-tech gadgets, you’d see them ensconced in one corner playing, not a cheap yamaha clarinet, but  local and traditional wind or string instrument. I find their music rather soothing to the nerves and it was a perfect way to loosen-up on a hot afternoon.

Bulacan Daily, Bulacan, Dayaw Festival 2012

Apart from this encounter with our indigenous brothers, we also had the chance to be treated to a wide assortment of their products and wares. Items ranging from  precious jewelry to pearl items, to authentic hand-woven products are on sale at the festival, too. I was not able to look around much, having a rambunctious toddler to follow around but I was able to get these lovely candy cane Christmas decor made from recycled materials. They now hang proudly on my Christmas tree 🙂

Sure is one amazing experience and I would love to do it again!