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of sphinx + pyramids

postcards, Postcrossing Enthusiasts, EgyptThis sure is a lovely day as I received this special card! Know why this is special? I have always thought of Egypt as a very interesting place to visit and this is my very first postcard from that country! Don’t you think this card of the pyramid and the sphinx is a perfect addition to anyone’s collection?

Hopefully I will get to visit Egypt in the future, it sure is no place for makeup cases cheap souvenir items and other products to buy as gifts for people back home, but am sure everyone will love this postcard mailed from the country of Cleopatra and the pharaohs. I will make sure to pay this age-old monuments a visit while I am there!

Thank you so much Ivy for sending this card to me! ♥

Diverse Destinations: Egypt

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If you’re planning to book holidays abroad this year and you’re looking for something that little bit different, why not try Egypt? A land awash with world-famous monuments, ancient ruins and spectacular scenery, Egypt is everything you could ever want from a memorable holiday destination, and plenty more besides.

If you prefer to be beach-based rather than cruising up the Nile or soaking up the bright lights of Cairo, a spell on Egypt’s beautiful coast could be right up your street. Sharm el Sheikh certainly ticks all the right boxes when it comes to classic beach destinations – it’s got turquoise seas, miles upon miles of golden sands and plenty of top-notch hotel resorts to choose from.

But far from bearing a luxury price tag, Egypt is now a highly affordable destination – perfect if you’re sticking to a budget or holidaying on a shoestring. Cheap Sharm El Sheikh holiday deals are easy to come by, thanks to the sheer amount of tour operators and package holiday providers vying for your custom.

What’s more, all-inclusive usually comes as standard when holidaying in Egypt, which means you can spend less on eating out and more on local excursions or day trips. And there’s plenty where that came from. Aside from its proximity to incredible monuments and world-famous sights, Sharm el Sheikh is also a popular place for scuba diving thanks to its clear waters, vibrant reefs and beautiful sea life.

If you’re really reining it in this year, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a late deal on your holiday to Egypt. Keep an open mind and stay as flexible as possible – providing you’re not too particular about your choice of local resort, exact hotel or departure dates, you’re bound to find a cracking holiday deal simply by waiting until the last minute.

image is from freedigitalphotos.net