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travel bucket list #3: fiji

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+ I dream of Fiji…

Another perfect summer destination will be the island paradise of Fiji. It is a Melanesian island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, + is bordered by Tonga {east), Vanuatu {west}, Kermadec {southeast} + by Tuvalu {north}. How I’d love to wake up to that scenic + romantic sunrise + spend endless of mornings + afternoons exploring all the beautiful things this little piece of heaven on Earth has to offer. I am also contemplating on having a relaxing + rejuvenating yoga session by the beach or maybe we can go swim with the dolphins in the afternoon, or try our hand at horse back riding. I bet my little man will definitely enjoy having a go at one of those horses.

If I can afford it, I don’t think I can restrain myself from taking one of those reasonable fiji vacation packages that namalefiji.com offers. One look at their beautiful photo gallery made me wish I have renewed my passport just after it expired + that my purse is fat with loads of travel money aching to be spent on yet another once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure! I can easily picture me + my little man in one of those lovely beaches with our purple beach towel spread onto the white sands, or in one of those infinity pools, having a dip while watching the beautiful sunset in the horizon. 😉