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florida meet-up card

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Meet-up cards are one of the most fun cards to receive. It not only showcases lovely places I’d love to visit one day or messages + photos at times, too, but they also include a number of signatures of postcrossers from other parts of the world who were present at the meet up. I guess that what makes them more precious.

So, you can just imagine the wide smile on my face when I got this Florida meet-up card on my mailbox. I just love the yellow card which clearly symbolizes the “Sunshine State.”

Oh well, Florida sure is one of the places I would love to visit if I had the chance, The Disney World Resort in Orlando alone is enough to get me packing my bags tomorrow if I had the means to travel now! The little one will be like a toddler’s heaven to see all of his Disney characters come to life! I bet they have parties there all the time for kiddos + adults alike, I bet those blaring jbl mrx512m surely added to the jovial + festive mood that surrounds this wonderful place, too!

postcards, Florida, meet-up cards

I got this card in January + sadly I was not able to recall now who sent it in the first place. Am sure the information is just sitting somewhere in me inbox but I haven’t got the time of day to go through them now. Will be sure to update this once I do! 🙂

Got any meet-up postcards lately? Do share them with me, won’t you? 😉

a mapcard from florida

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I guess I have mentioned one too many times that I’d love to collect map cards of all the 50 States in the US, I have been making slow progress, but it is not a problem. Just as long as I get to complete my collection in my own sweet time, I’ll be happy! I’ve also mentioned about a Florida map card that I wish to include in my collection, but, alas, I was not able to have one of those yet. But I am delighted that I got this Florida map card, instead. Isn’t it lovely? 🙂

Here are some interesting facts about this state:

  • State Capital is Tallahasee
  • it is the 4th most populous state
  • it’s name now is derived from La Florida, meaning “The Flower Land,” given by the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce De Leon in 1513
  • it is well-know for the production of oranges, The Kennedy Space Center + a wide bevy of amusement parks, Disney World Resort, included
  • it was also the origin of opus x cigars until the owner decided to move his business to Dominican Republic
Here’s what the back of the card looks liked. I love the interest stamps that went with it, too! 🙂

postcards, map cards, Florida, 50 US States Map Cards

Thanks Zina for sending me this wonderful map card. I look forward to swapping with you again soon! 🙂

postcard wishlist: florida map card

postcards, map cards, Florida

I would love to build up my collection of map cards this year + one of the many postcard that I would love to receive in the mail is this Florida map card. Imagine including Mickey Mouse in it, I just have to have one of these! 🙂

Mickey Mouse is one of my son’s ultimate favorites + I made a vow to bring him to Disney Land {in Hongkong} when he turns 7. I do not know how I’d manage to do that, with me being jobless + all, but I promise I will. If I can afford it, I would probably bring him to Disney Euro or The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. I bet he will have loads of fun staying at the Disney Hotel or any one of those plush yet affordable  Orlando Hotels + having his photographs taken with the world-famous mouse + the other well-loved Disney characters around. Oh well, that is probably wishful thinking, but who knows, I might win the lottery one day + afford to bring the little man to any destination he chooses by then 🙂

With the Disney Resort + other amusement parks, not to mention the numerous beaches, I bet one will never run out of fun things to do in Florida. Anyway, did you know that Florida was originally baptized as La Florida or The Flowery Land +  Tallahassee is the state capital. Aside from that, did you also know that it is the fourth most populous state + has the longest coastline in the U.S? You can check out this Facebook for more interesting trivia about Florida, meanwhile, let me just brood on how I’d manage to save enough to bring my little man there when the time comes. +, oh, do contact me in case you want to trade this card with me, right? 🙂

Image not mine