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Valentine’s In My Mailbox

postcards, Germany

“of heart…”

It sure is looking a lot like Valentine’s Day when I got this card recently. Don’t you just love the beautiful hearts? This card was sent by Sarah from Esslingen, Germany whom I had a direct swap with last year. She was looking for people to send cards for her dad’s birthday and I readily obliged. It sure is a sweet gesture for a father to have his daughter ask for postcards for his special day. If my parents were around, I’d definitely do the same. I remember sending the only recipe postcard I have on stock because she mentioned that her dad is a chef.

postcards, Germany

Apart from sending me the lovely hearts to say thank you, my swapper even sent this cool Find-A-Word printable. I think it might be tricky as I’ve never tried this with a foreign language before but hopefully I’d fare good. I will try to look for these German words over the weekend.

By the way, the word game is not the only other thing I love, I also adore the postmark that was used on the envelope i received. Although I may not understand it, I know that it represents a momentous part of Germany’s history. Anyway, here’s a warm Valentines greetings to all who celebrate the occasion.

Weihnachten in Bremen

postcards, official Postcrossing.com cards, Germany

I just received this Christmas postcard, nother official Postcrossing.com card with ID# DE-1758574, and this time it comes from Germany.

This lovely card depicts Christmas in beautiful Bremen. I would really love to see the place one day and I bet it will be particularly lovely at this time of the year, with all the decorations and colorful lights.

Thanks Martina for making my Christmas merrier with this card! ^_^

lovely anonymous postcards in envelope

postcards, direct swaps, Germany

Blick von der Bergstation, the monkey in the envelope, Dresden Um 1625 + Dresden UM 1650 {clockwise}

I received this anonymous envelope in March or April of this year. I simply love all the postcards inside, down to the cute monkey sticker that the sender placed in front, but apart from the Alstadt Regensburg Unesco Stamp there is nothing in this mail that will give me a clue as to who among my numerous swap mates sent it. When I googled the words written in the Post Office stamp, though, I got Briefzentrum 38 which actually stands for the Deutsche Post #38 found in Braunschweig. Still it does not ring a bell. + there is no way I can trace the address back to the person I’ve originally swapped with. I would’ve loved to know + give him or her proper credits!

postcards, direct swaps

Vienna 1, The State Opera

Oh well, let me just share with you the contents of this mysterious envelope, shall I? It has 4 lovely cards inside starting with this beautiful view of Vienna 1, The State Opera. According to the card, this opera house is known all over the world + was inaugurated in 1869. The other cards included in the package are: Blick von der Bergstation, with that impressive looking cable car, along with two vintage cards of Dresden Um 1625 + Dresden UM 1650.  I have no other information to share about these cards as no description are written in the back + what’s actually written is in German, which unfortunately I do not understand.

Anyhoo, I’d love to share the majestic view of Vienna 1 The State Opera to:

the berlin state opera

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This is another Postcrossing.com official card {with ID#: DE-1426396}, which I got earlier this month. This is the Berlin State Opera, or more commonly known locally as the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, is a German opera company that has its permanent home at the opera house on the Unter den Linden Boulevard, located in the Berlin Mitte district.

Here are a few trivia about this place:

  • construction work on what would be the Berlin State Opera began on July 1741, commissioned by   newly-crowned King Frederick II of Prussia
  • it premieres Weber’s Der Freischütz in 1812 + Otto Nicolai’s Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor in 1849
  • the Opera was renamed Staatsoper unter den Linden in 1918
  • In 1992,  Argentine-Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim was elected Musical conductor. In 2000, he was elected “Conductor for life”

I simply love the elegant, classic + romantic look of this building. + I also love the message that was written on the back:

postcrossing.com, postcards, Germany

Anyway, thought I’d share those beautiful windows with: