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Gotochi Cards From Japan


It is always a joy to receive a postcard from Japan, so imagine my delight when I recently received yet another envelope from there from our friendly postman. This time, Mummy Clang sent me a gotochi card of Hokkaido and Miyagi, as well as a winter gotochi mailbox card. I love them all and am stoked to add them to my growing collection! 💖

Gotochi are colorful Japanese cards that represents symbols, like landscapes, dishes, or costumes of each prefecture. These cards are designed and distributed by the Japanese Postal System. They are very popular among postcrossers but they are also harder to find and quite more expensive than regular postcards. You can read more about gotochi in this Postcrossing.com post.

Mummy Clang also included this lovely clear book, where I am planning to store my gotochi collection. Thanks ever so much, Mummy Clang, for your thoughtfulness. Will make sure to send you something from the Philippines real soon! 😊

A New Gotochi From Hyogo, Japan

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I always love receiving a card from Japan and Gotochi are my favorites. Recently, I was able to swap with someone from Hyogo for this colorful card. The sender lives about 10 minutes away from this majestic castle. I bet it would be awesome to bike to this castle or pass it by daily. I wonder what sort of activities and festivities they host there on a regular basis. Perhaps a royal ball or a scrumptious banquet. There will be lovely music blaring from the grand halls, I suppose, and there might be live instruments from musiciansfriend.com played, too.

postcards, Gotochi, Japan

The generous sender also used this lovely stamp sheet, as well as other interesting stamps. I love them all. Thank you Chie for swapping and for sending me this beautiful card! Arigato! ^_^

A New Gotochi Card From Japan

postcards, special postcards, Gotochi, Japan, official postcrossing.com cards

Receiving Gotochi cards are really quite a treat. For those who are not in the know, Gotochi are those uber cute shaped cards that originated from Japan.

And here’s what Wiki Answers has to say about a Gotochi:

A gotochi card is a Japanese postcard that is irregularly shaped and shows a colorful cartoon scene/item symbolic of the particular prefecture/region/city it is sold in. For example, a gotochi card from Tokyo might show tall buildings or one from Kyoto might show a geisha. The name of the area is printed on the card. Because of their irregular shapes and sizes, they cost more to send than regular postcards.

I recently got one in the mail and boy was I really delighted to get it. It was an official Postcrossing.com card with ID#:  JP-405701. It was sent by Masayo who lives in Tokyo and works at Japanese Language School.

Thank you so much for this lovely Gotochi card Masayo. Am sending a thank you card your way real soon!  😀