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Traveling To Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Asia

Hong Kong Skyline

Accessible to neighboring guests and foreign travelers via Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong has grown in popularity over the years and went on to become one of the top travel destinations in Asia. Situated in China’s southern coast, this lovely region is most known for its wide open skyline and the beautiful harbor. People fly in to Hong Kong to experience its eclectic culture, which is a wonderful cacophony of different colorful cultures.

Climate and people

Having a sub tropical climate, Hong Kong is expected to have long and humid summer, normally during the months of June to September. The rainy season usually comes between June and September while the mild winter is mostly brought about by the cool sea breezes.

While the Hong Kong weather may be diverse, its population, on the other hand, is made up of more than 90% of ethnic Chinese, which is very evident in their communities, colorful culture, and cuisine. Although Hong Kong might be a melting pot of various cultures, the Chinese influence is very evident at every turn.

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Buses On Stamps

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For this week’s Sunday Stamps, we are supposed to share cars, but unfortunately I have already featured some of the nice car stamps I received in this post and I cannot seem to find another one. So, in the hopes of staying with the theme {and with a little prayer that our meme host will not penalize me}, I am sharing this lovely bus stamp, instead.

This is the only bus stamp I can dig up from my stash at the moment. It was sent to me about a week ago by a dear friend from my former work who went to Hong Kong recently. This features the Albion Coach, which is probably one of the primary mode of transportation there. I am just not sure whether these coaches still operates now. I think I will find out when I visit the place one day!

I wish there were more stamps to share, but I will sure to revise this post as soon as I stumble upon something. Have a sunny Sunday and may we all enjoy this day. Oh and do not forget to share your latest stamp acquisition in a comment below, right?

beautiful birds stamps

For today’s Sunday Stamps, here are a number of bird stamps that I have received in my imaginary mailbox. The first set is sent from a direct swap with someone from Hong Kong for a number of cool Lightning McQeen and his gang postcards for the little man. The birds featured in these stamps include: scarlet minivet, collared owls, fork-tailed sun bird, white-bellied sea eagle. They all lovely won’t you agree?

The second set of birds stamps of green-winged pigeons is sent by a friend who went to Malaysia earlier this year and was gracious enough to send me a lovely postcard of the place.

The third set of stamps are also from Malaysia, which I got from a direct swap in one of our Postcrossing group, this comes with a beautiful postcard of the lovely buildings in the country.

Oh well, I hope you like all these birds stamp I share with you today. Will be back for more stamps next weekend. Happy postcrossing and have an equally enjoyable Sunday! ^_^

Find a contemporary serviced apartment with a suburban feel only in Happy Valley

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Hong Kong at night time

The quiet neighborhood of Happy Valley may offer the suburban feel that most visitors like to indulge in. But it also gives out a nice balance, as the region boasts of several impressive innovations throughout the years. Moreover, the locale provides an interesting assembly, especially when it comes to the establishments that it consists of (given the race course amidst a throng of high-rise lodgings). Therefore making it an ideal location for those who are seeking residence in a serviced apartment. So regardless if you’re a visitor or an expat executive, a serviced accommodation in Happy Valley will certainly bring you the comfort and convenience that is experienced in a home.

What’s in store for you in Happy Valley?

Most of the apartments in Happy Valley attract family-based clients. The flats here are also quite appealing since the locale presents some of the most reasonable fares. Although the rates may be pricier than those offered in Causeway Bay, Happy Valley still affords lower fees compared to those in the Central and Mid-level areas.

Most of the apartments in Happy Valley are also near several transport links (most are of walking distance), restaurants (from casual to fine dining), bars and shopping centers. A good example of this would be V Happy Valley. The serviced accommodation offers their guests the serenity that each one seeks, while displaying a good mix of urban and contemporary elements. This particular serviced flat definitely sets a calmer retreat from the usual flurry of the city.

Why choose to stay in a Happy Valley serviced apartment?

V Happy Valley is actually a good source when it comes to choosing an apartment to reside in. Not only does the establishment offer several conveniences (i.e. nearby shops, eateries, public transportation), it was also the first serviced lodging in the area that offered an eco-friendly setting. They have a Zen water garden, several terraced garden apartments, and an outdoor dining area that guests can use exclusively.

The serviced lodging also offers rooms that vary from a studio terrace to 2-bedroom units. Each one is equipped with some of the latest technologies such as Wi-Fi access, a 42” Plasma TV with cable and NOW channels, a DVD player, a Wii console with games and more.

This particular apartment in Hong Kong also includes fully furnished rooms. The sleeping chambers are fitted out with some of the finest materials (i.e. crisp starched linens, feathery soft pillows, premium-made Simmons mattress). The same goes for the en suite bathrooms (i.e. installed with a rain shower, some Carlo Frattini faucets, some bath accessories and toiletries). The V serviced flat also provides its residents a fully equipped kitchen, which comes with the latest cookware and kitchenware.

A fully serviced Happy Valley apartment

Just like in any hotel, V Happy Valley is also service-oriented. They’re able to provide their guests daily housekeeping from Mondays to Fridays; as well as an airport limousine pick-up, which can be availed at an extra cost. The establishment also affords it guests a 24-hour security watch (amongst other services).

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