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Windmills From Bangui Souvenirs

souvenirs, Ilocos Norte

Don’t you just think these diminutive windmills are so cute? They are replicas of the windmills found in Bangui in Ilocos Norte. Jared’s dad was recently there for a four-day work-related activity and he got me these as pasalubong. If you must know the tiny turbines actually rotate which make these little ref magnets very fun and enjoyable toys for the little man, too! He cannot put them down the first few hours that he got them! 😀

I simply love these ref magnets from Ilocos, a perfect addition to my slow-growing collection. It now seats in my refrigerator door with the rest of my ref magnet treasures. Hopefully one day soon I will be able to see the real thing and get some more souvenirs from that place.

A Card of Fort Ilocandia, Ilocos Norte

postcards, Ilocos Norte


This is a Valentine’s Postcard sent by my friend Arlene, who blogs at www.ilovepostcrossing.info, from Laoag City in Ilocos. She visited the place recently and mailed the postcard from a local post office. This local destination in the card is probably one of the most famous attractions in the area.

Hopefully I can visit this place one day.

Thank you sis Arlene for the very sweet gesture!   🙂