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The Great City Off: London Vs. Paris

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Paris and London are two greats steeped in history, rich in culture and both hives of commerce. The cities attract tourists from across the globe, and easy transport links between the two mean that visitors can explore both Paris and London in a short space of time. The English Channel Tunnel is a convenient way to hop across to the continent, with regular services offering speedy access for onward journeys to these two capitals. Considering a holiday, but can’t decide between home or abroad?

Weighing up the pros and cons of a trip can be tricky, so it may be helpful to examine both Paris and London in further detail: let the Great City-Off begin!


Paris and London have some of the most recognised and visited landmarks in the world: think the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame and, closer to home the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. It is impossible to compare and contrast these historic sites as they are all integral parts of a trip to either city. Instead, why not look beyond the tourist trail and look for the lesser-known places to visit? London is busting at seams with quirky museums and attractions: a vault of music memorabilia hidden beneath the Hard Rock Café, the world’s only fan museum and Secret Cinema events can all be found in this city. Paris’s hidden gems include Le Musee de Vin which also has a restaurant and wine tasting room, and the pretty UNESCO Garden of Peace. If you’re seeking to experience an alternative scene and escape the tourist hoards, London wins hands down for its quirky offerings.

Food and Drink

Both cities offer a huge range of food and drink for all budgets. Well-known foodie spots like Borough and Camden markets attract hungry crowds, and pop-up street restaurants mean there is always something new and fresh to look out for in London. Paris is also a great destination for food lovers, and the French famously take their gastronomy very seriously. Enjoy the finer things in life? The wealth of wine bars in the city make great places to sample drinks whilst snacking on luxuries like oysters, snails and deluxe desserts. Patisseries, chocolate shops and specialist delicatessens abound in Paris like multinational coffee shops in London. For the sheer decadence and pride in their national staples then, Paris reigns supreme for food and drink.


If you are on a short break, practicalities like transport are all-important. To get around a city and see as much as possible in a short space of time you’ll need reliable, speedy and affordable public transport. Transport for London’s superb website means that planning your route is easy, as it offers maps and advice on buses, the Tube, trains, cycling, trams, river transport, the DLR and more! It is worth buying an Oyster card during your stay: top up, choose your mode of transport and avoid long queues! France’s RAPT and Transilien websites offer similar, though less comprehensive guides to Paris’s transport system. So, how to conclude? Trusty transport can make or break a short holiday, and in this respect, both cities are pretty evenly matched.

Holidaying at home or venturing to the continent can be tough choice, with many points to consider. The solution? With quick transport links between Paris and London, why not visit both!

Tower Bridge A Tourist Hot Spot

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Originally built in the late nineteenth century to create a method of crossing the River Thames from the East End Tower Bridge was, in its day, the largest bascule (see-saw) bridge in the world. In 1910 the upper walkway, which allowed people to cross the Thames even when the bridge was raised to allow boats through, was closed due to lack of use. It was just too impractical for people to carry their goods up to the walkway and the majority preferred, instead, to wait for the bridge to be lowered to allow them to cross.

In 1982, the upper walkway was re-opened to the public. Since then, this has been home to the Tower Bridge Exhibition which offers visitors the chance to learn more about the fascinating history of the bridge and its workings. The Exhibition chronicles the building of the bridge and showcases some of the original pumps that were in place back in the days when the bridge’s hydraulic mechanisms were powered by steam. The Exhibition is fun for people of all ages, with interactive kiosks and video walls which detail everything from royal visits to the bridge, to daredevil stunts. You’ll learn all sorts of interesting things about the bridge including how, in 1952, bus driver Albert Gunton was forced to make the leap from one bascule to the other when the bridge opened with his bus still on it.

Once you have enjoyed the exhibits, which have embraced modern technologies without losing touch with the Victorian spirit of the bridge, you can take in the panoramic views over the city. It’s great fun to try to spot the major London landmarks. You can also visit some of the other local attractions, including the famous Tower of London.

The Tower Bridge, which offers venue hire for events as well as being a tourist destination, is a must see for visitors to London. If you are looking for somewhere to stay that is close to the bridge, a good option is the Travelodge Tower Bridge hotel. Its convenient location means that you will be able to pay a visit to the bridge, even if your stay in London is short. With a reasonable admission charge and something for everyone to enjoy, the bridge is one tourist hot spot you won’t want to miss.

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postcard perfect: a multi-view card of london

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This is a multi-view of London {one of my most favorite places on earth, which I hope to visit in this lifetime :)}, which features some of the most famous landmarks in the city: the Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the world-famous red double-decker bus + the Palace of Westminster.

According to Mr. Wiki, London is United Kingdom‘s largest metropolitan area. It is one of the 2 world’s largest financial center + is home to the busiest airport in the world, the London Heathrow + world’s oldest underground railway network, the London Underground. London boasts of 4 World Heritage sites, namely, Kew Gardens, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London + the historic settlement of Greenwich wherein the Royal Conservatory marks the Prime Meridian or O degrees longitude.

Other world-famous sites to be found in London include St. Paul’s Cathedral, Wembley Stadium, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace + Piccadilly Circus.

Thanks to Jayme-lee, who studied there for 14 weeks, for sending this postcard ^_^

My share for Postcard Perfect this week ^_^