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Traveling To Langkawi

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Pantai Kok Lighthouse in Langkawi, image from commons.wikimedia.org

Accessible to both local and foreign tourists through Langkawi International Airport, Langkawi is a group of about 100 islands located merely 30 kilometers from the main coast of northwest Malaysia, off the Adaman Sea. It is mostly known for its numerous beaches and went on to become a top travel choice for tourists as it is a duty-free area. The Geopark, as declared by UNESCO in 2007, is among the top places any traveler must see once they set foot in Langkawi.


Generally of good weather condition, Langkawi is a perfect beach island getaway. Tourists can easily spend numerous hours basking in the good weather, bathing under the sun and enjoying the lively beach vibe.

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Traveling To Penang

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Penang is an island off the northwest coast of Malaysia and is mostly well known for its rich and multi-cultured history predominantly of Chinese, Indian, European, and Malay influences. There are so many beautiful places to see and visit and definitely lots of interesting tea houses and restaurants to check out in what was originally known as the Pearl of the Orient.

Climate And People

Much like the rest of Malaysia Penang has a temperature that ranges between 22 degrees Celsius during daytime and 30 degrees Celsius at night. The weather is mostly rainy, especially during the months of August and November.  Although the driest season is generally between January and February, most local travelers flock to Penang in December, when it is raining on the other side of the peninsula. It is the most populated state in Malaysia and residences are mostly of ethnic Chinese decent.

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Sunday Stamps: Flowers

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For this week’s Sunday Stamps, we are to share about flowers and I thought it was apt that we are doing this today as it is the Mother’s Day weekend. A bunch of flowers would really make any mum feel special, this mum included. But, of course, I’d choose flowers on stamps at any given time! 🙂

stamps, sunday stamps, India, Malaysia, USA

Here are a few of the flower stamps I’ve accumulated. The very first photo is that of Bladder Campion and Rhododendron. These came from India via my 11.12.13 swap last year. This second image is that of a Mawar {or English Rose} that came with an awesome Spiderman postcard mailed from Malaysia.

stamps, sunday stamps, India, Malaysia, USA

stamps, sunday stamps, India, Malaysia, USA

The next one is yet another flower stamp from Malaysia. Isn’t she just lovely? And I thought this last stamp should be included. After all it does look like a flower to me, won’t you agree? This is a lovely flower image which was mailed from Alaska, USA, and yes, I dislike the folds and creases, too!

Well, I hope you like these flowers stamps as I enjoyed sharing them with you. Do not forget to hover Sunday Stamps for more awesome flower stamps.

Happy mother’s day to all the wondewoman mums out there! ^_^

beautiful birds stamps

For today’s Sunday Stamps, here are a number of bird stamps that I have received in my imaginary mailbox. The first set is sent from a direct swap with someone from Hong Kong for a number of cool Lightning McQeen and his gang postcards for the little man. The birds featured in these stamps include: scarlet minivet, collared owls, fork-tailed sun bird, white-bellied sea eagle. They all lovely won’t you agree?

The second set of birds stamps of green-winged pigeons is sent by a friend who went to Malaysia earlier this year and was gracious enough to send me a lovely postcard of the place.

The third set of stamps are also from Malaysia, which I got from a direct swap in one of our Postcrossing group, this comes with a beautiful postcard of the lovely buildings in the country.

Oh well, I hope you like all these birds stamp I share with you today. Will be back for more stamps next weekend. Happy postcrossing and have an equally enjoyable Sunday! ^_^