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Bulacan Daily: Fiesta Republica 2013

My brother, Ken, invited me to watch him play with The Hiyas ng Bulakan Symphonic Band and since we do not have an activity lined up last Monday, I eagerly agreed.

We arrived at the Malolos Convention Center a little before 5pm, it was drizzling that afternoon so we had to wait for the sky to clear before heading out. The area was bustling with activities. It turned out Fiesta Republika 2013 was being held that day and students from neighboring provinces of Laguna, Cavite, Pampanga, Tarlac and Nueva Ecija joined in to participate in the contest dubbed as Dulangsangan, where they reenacted our forefathers’ fight for the country’s freedom from Spaniards all those many years ago. It was in fact a special non-working holiday in our city and the town mayor just announced that the President has  just proclaimed 23 January as a working holiday for the rest of the country, too, to commemorate the glorious day of our very first republic.

A little trivia:  the First Philippine Republic was formed in Malolos through the Malolos Congress. During those times, people from nearby provinces, especially those included in the 8 provinces, who where later represented in the 8 rays of the sun in our National Flag, who first revolted against the Spanish regime would come down to celebrate and play at the Barasoain plaza {or whatever it is they call it during those days}.

There were large groups of people gathered around the makeshift stage, so the little man and I decided to go and look around, instead, and headed to check out the carnival next. We’ve  passed by this place on a few occasions and the little man would never fail to point at the Jollibee-inspired ride. He was excited to try it, so off we went. Continue reading

postcard perfect: malolos constitution

postcards, direct swaps, Malolos City, Bulacan, postcard perfect

I simply love this postcard I received yesterday as it features a historical event in my city ~ the Malolos Constitution, which was enacted by the Philippine Malolos Congress on 20 June, 1899. This paved the way to the establishment of the First Philippine Republic. Our city has really played a very vital role in our country’s rich history + needless to say I really feel proud to be living in this city! 😉

Another thing that’s so special about this card is that it is a postage prepaid postcard which means it can be sent to anywhere in the world without affixing postage stamps! Clever idea, right? I just wish I can look for this type of postcards locally so that I can send them to my swapmates all over the world, but, alas, local postcards are scarce around here + I really don’t know where to get them! 🙁

postcards, direct swaps, Malolos City, Bulacan, postcard perfect

Thanks Annie for this beautiful card + for the sweet note you wrote at the back! I simply ♥ it! ^_^

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postcard perfect

bulacan daily:the cinemas at cabanas mall, malolos city

bulacan daily, Cabanas Mall, Malolos City

We have been to this side of town twice before, when mum + the little man had our much-needed haircut, but this is the first time that we are trying out their cinemas. We agreed to watch The Amazing Spider-Man that day + since it was rather tiring to go to Manila to do just that, we tried exploring local cinemas for a change. It was a good thing that this film is shown here when I checked their site a few days back.

The tickets sell at P125 + there is reserved seating. We are also advised to come at exactly 3pm for the 3.15 film showing. The cinema actually reminds me of the ones in Shangri-La and Trinoma, just the right size with the most comfortable seats. We enjoyed the film + we loved the experience so from here on, the Cinemas in Cabanas Mall will be our go-to cinema whenever we want to see a movie.

bulacan daily, Malolos City, Cabanas Mall

Apart from the cinemas, there are also restaurants + a few bar lining up the sides of the mall. To your left, there are establishments like the lone bookstore in the area, banks, salons, as well as a 24-7 convenient store. There is not much crowd here either, so it is perfect for a lazy afternoon stroll with the kiddo. If only they will add a grocery, a few more shops {another bookstore, perhaps} + a couple of fast foods, I guess people will be flocking to this place during weekends. I wish the management will make this a one-stop destination for the families in our city. I see no reason why you’d travel all the way to the malls in Manila or the neighboring towns, if you can have everything you need right here + it is just a jeepney-ride away from where we live.

Anyway, I shall write more about the film The Amazing Spider-Man, as well as an article on it insurance, on my mum blog one of these days. 😉

bulacan daily: the malolos sports + convention center

bulacan daily, PBB Big Night, Malolos Sports + Convention Center, Malolos City

The Malolos Sports + Convention Center takes the spotlight as it hosts The Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 B.F.F at the Big Night live on 07 July. I bet tons of teens not only from all over the city + the neighboring towns, but also those coming from Manila + other places nearby, probably dressed in plain streetwear or in elaborate party clothes to celebrate the occasion, will flock to our simple + peaceful city. If I do not have another event to attend in the city later that night, + I’d been one of the fortunate ones to score free passes to the event, I would probably go there, with my little man in tow. 😉

I am not really such a big fan of PBB, but I’ve seen a number of episodes + it has piqued my interest when I found out about the Big Night to be held here at home. Maybe we’d just catch it on the tellie if we get back early.

Anyway, here is the PBB Big Night plug that showcases some of the historical attractions in our city, including the Barasoain Church, enjoy!

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