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Snowed In?

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Snowed it this Christmas? How I wish. But the family have been to Manila Ocean Park recently + we’ve experienced exactly that! 6 degrees temperature + my nose were hovering near bleeding-point! But we enjoyed it, nevertheless, especially the little man, who was sleeping soundly as we entered the Snow Village. He probably liked the cold weather. Proof is that he woke up immediately after we went out!

Apart from our first brush with snow, we’ve also seen adorable penguins + sea lions there, along with hundreds of fishes + other beautiful attractions. I shall be posting more about it soon.

christmas, places, travel, destination

I know most of us are taking advantage of the holiday break to go on traveling or vacationing with the family. As for me, I am most tempted to use whatever bit of downtime I’ve got to brush up on my languages, too, + learn a new one. How does confronto noleggio auto sounds to you?

Snowed in or not, I still wish everyone a very meaningful Christmas celebration. May we find happiness + peace in the company of our families + loved ones! Here’s also wishing that victims of Typhoon Sendong down south will also find it in their hearts to celebrate in the midst of tragedy.

Merry Christmas meanderers!

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