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postcards: a map card from new york city

postcards, map cards, New York

I did mention on several occasions that I am in the process of completing my 50-State map cards collection.  I am actually making slow progress but nevertheless, I am loving every map that comes my way.

Recently one of my swap mates posted this lovely New York map card on here Facebook timeline. I loved it + asked her if she can help me get one of my own. I was so delighted when her friend agreed to send me one in exchange for a Philippine map card.

I got my card a few weeks ago + it really made my day! It features some to the famous attraction found in the State, including Lake George, Catskill Mountains, + the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Some New York trivia you might want to know:

  • It is one of the original 13 states
  • it has a 16M population
  • Albany is the capital of New York
  • Rose is the State Flower
  • Sugar Maple is the State Tree
  • “Exelsior, ever upward” is the State Motto
postcards, map cards, New York
Thank you Patricia for this beautiful card + the lovely note you sent along with it. Thanks to Jennefer, too, for making this swap possible! 🙂
Thought I’d share my postcard with Postcard Friendship Friday, where I am joining for the first time:

postcard perfect: south dakota map card

postcard perfect, map cards, postcards, souvenirs, South Dakota

This purple South Dakota map card is one of the first in my 50-state map cards collection. I particularly liked this as it not only feautures a map card but a number of trivia about South Dakota, including:

  • Nickname: The Mount Rushmore State
  • State Bird: Ring-necked Pheasant
  • Capital City: Pierre
  • Population: 754,844
  • Highest Point: Harne Peak {7,242 feet}
  • Admission to Statehood: November 02, 1889
It also comes with this very nice quotation:

map cards, postcards, souvenirs

This map card is one in a bunch of postcards in an envelope that fellow Postcrossing Enthusiast member, Haze, sent me last year {yeah, that much backlog, that I am only posting it now!}. Thank you, sis! 🙂 I will feature the other ones in my next posts 🙂

My share for this week’s Postcard Perfect 🙂