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sending postcards for national postcard week

postcards, postcrossing enthusiants, National Postcard Week

This week is National Postcard Week, + I couldn’t be more stoked to find out we are having a little game over at our Postcrossing Enthusiasts Facebook Group in celebration of this. Gee, it’s about time we had one of these fun games, it has been ages since the last one! I was spending less time online + I almost failed to sign up for the game, it was a good thing I was still included. 🙂

postcards, Postcrossing Enthusiasts, National Postcard Week

For this project, we are to send 4 postcards to 4 different recipients this week in time for National Postcard Week. There is no theme for the type of postcards to send. In fact, I have chosen beautiful random postcards to give to other participants, including a card of the Manila Zoo for a friend Akhil who is from India, a postcard of the scenic Dinagat Island for Jennefer + Mommy Rubz, + an Obando card with a Malolos Cathedral commemorative stamps for Annie, whom I am sending a postcard for the first time.

I actually have to make a quick stop to the post office before running some errands early this morning just so I can send the postcards within the deadline. Hopefully they reach the recipients on time + hopefully they would love what I sent their way! 🙂

National Postcard Week (or NPCW) has its roots in 1911 when a few postcards were printed to celebrate Postcard Day on 01 May. The current National Postcard Week started in 1984, when the International Federation of  Postcard dealers, along with a host of different clubs, made a postcard to celebrate + promote their hobby. 

What postcards are you sending today? Share them in a comment below. 😉