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New Jersey Map Card

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Here is a new addition to my growing US 50 States Map card collection, the New Jersey Map card! This was sent to me by Stephen, a middle school teacher who probably went looking for uniforms and these map cards in a local shop. 🙂 He is from one of my various swap groups on Facebook. I got it a few months back.

Here are a few tidbits of information about this State:

  • State Capital is Trenton
  • It is third of the original 13 states
  • State motto is “Liberty and prosperity”
  • State Tree is Red Oak
  • State Flower is Bogbice Violet
  • State Bird is Eastern Goldfinch

Stephen wrote this at the back of the card:

Glad we could swap cards. I spent a couple of weeks in New Jersey working in June. Normally I am in the L.A. area where I work as a middle school teacher. Best wishes! 

Thanks so much for this beautiful card! ^_^