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Top 7 Travel Must-Haves For The New Normal

Traveling may have been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but after almost 7 months, some places are slowly opening up their doors and tourism activities and are easing up into the new normal.

The traveling landscape may vary greatly from what we are used to, but with enthusiasm, renewed wonder, and sound practices on health and hygiene, there is no way we cannot nail this new way of traveling in the new normal.

Here are top travel must-haves in this challenging times:

Secure your Health Documents ~ since restrictions and quarantines are still in place in a number of areas, it is best to keep all your health clearance and records handy when you travel so you can easily show them to airport security or other travel authorities. While you are at it, you might also want to consider including your medical, health, or “nofollow”Marine insurance ID’s and papers at the ready.

Bring your own Personal Effects ~ for hygienic and safety purposes, it is highly recommended to bring your personal items like towels, slippers, utensils, and water bottles, especially during long travel when you would like to keep yourself hydrated. Bringing your own stuff will increase the chances of minimizing your exposure to the virus.

Opt for Cashless Transactions ~ now more than ever, we ought to tap technology and world wide web to our utmost advantage. Now that contact with other people are kept to a minimum, it is most ideal to opt for cashless transactions especially during travel. Install payment apps on your mobile phone and use them to pay for your fare, food, and accommodation.

Avoid Crowded Places ~ since the coronavirus is suspected to be airborne, it would also be wise to avoid crowded areas when you travel. Opt for the unbeaten path, the road less travelled, and those destinations not usually flocked by tourists and travellers. It would prove to be a breath of fresh air and an unforgettable experience.

Pack those Facial Masks ~ this is a no-brainer. Besides there is no way you can leave the house without one nowadays so make sure to pack a number of facial masks especially if you will be traveling for a number of days. Remember that you will also have to replace this several times a day depending on your level of exposure or where you heading. Disposable facial masks would prove to be handy, but for non-high risk travellers or if you are not heading to a hospital anytime within your travel, washabale or reusable facial masks ought to do the trick.

Bring Extra Face Shields ~ this is also a non-negotiable these days and there are even some establishments who will not let you in if you are not wearing one. For additional protection against the virus, best to pack up a few face shields for your travel.

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Thieves Young Living Essential Oils ~ much has been said about this powerhouse of an oil. Touted as a versatile and most potent oil, Thieves also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial property, which makes it indispensible for new normal travellers. Add a drop into your face mask to give you that extra protection. You can also put a drop on the soles of your feet before heading out the door and then again at night before you retire for bed for immune support boost.

5 Top Travel Essentials

One of the exciting part of traveling is packing up for your journey. You must pack stuff depending on your destination and the time of your travel. Appropriate clothes and gear can make or break your trip so it is a must that you plan ahead when packing up those items for your travel.

Here are 5 top travel essentials that you ought to make sure you have got stowed on your backpack or luggage before you leave home:

Travel Essentials 

This include passports, Visa, boarding passes, identification cards, and other travel documents. Your wallet, cash, and credit cards also constitutes your travel essentials, along with your mobile phone, charger, contacts and glasses, and prescription medicine. Make sure to stash this in your hand carry or somewhere you can easily retrieve them when the need arises.


Make sure to pack the appropriate clothes and do not forget to pack enough for the duration of your trip to save you a trip to the laundromat or a trip to the mall for an emergency clothes shopping. Depending on the season and your destination, make sure you pack enough tops and jeans, a jacket or windbreaker, a versatile scarf, a good number of underpants, as well as sleeping clothes, and enough pair of socks. If you are heading for the beach, make sure to throw in a couple of your bathing suits or rashguards. Continue reading