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How to Have a Successful Day at Euro Disney Paris

destination, travel, travel tips, ParisOne of Europe’s top destinations, Disneyland Paris consists of numerous separate theme parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Village, several themed hotels and Golf Disneyland. This is all situated roughly 32 kilometres outside of the centre of Paris and the entire site combined is around one fifth the size of the city.

While Disneyland is a holiday destination that even adults can enjoy, without proper planning it can quickly become a nightmare. This guide will help you to enjoy your day and ensure you get the most out of it.

Booking Tickets

The most confusing and difficult part about Disneyland is actually getting inside. In most cases, if you are visiting the park for less than three days, it is best to book online in advance. However, should you be visiting the park for longer than three days then the best option is to buy an annual pass at the ticket gates.
Booking your tickets online also has other benefits as you can print off your tickets yourself. This means that you miss the worst queue of the day, the ticket counter queue, which will find you standing around for over an hour in peak season. Booking online in France is beneficial as you may get discounts on the prices by using the address of your hotel, although you may need delivery of the tickets rather than being able to print them yourself.

Time Savers

If you are only visiting Disneyland for one day, you will need to find ways to save as much time as possible. The best way to do this is to avoid the queues around the park. Some tickets you can buy include an “Extra Magic Hours” pass, meaning you can enter the park two hours before it is open to the public. Queues will be practically non-existent, although not everything will be open at this time.

Eating slightly earlier or later than normal will mean the queues you do end up joining during meal times will be shorter as well. You can book your France rental car at autoeurope.com for the best deals and making it easier to get around.

There are also FastPass tickets on offer when you are buying your tickets, meaning you join a different queue to everyone else which is also a great time saver, although these tickets cost €60. There are plenty of shows throughout the day that you can go and watch, and you can enter the venues before the start times meaning you should avoid the queues entirely.

If you are visiting the park with small children you can take advantage of the Baby Swap service on rides that are not designed for small children. This enables one of the parties to queue while another waits by the exit point with the small children. Once the person queuing exits, the adult by the entrance can then enter by the exit point to enjoy the ride.

Image: Entrance of Disneyland Paris by Dan Kamminga, Flickr

The Great City Off: London Vs. Paris

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Paris and London are two greats steeped in history, rich in culture and both hives of commerce. The cities attract tourists from across the globe, and easy transport links between the two mean that visitors can explore both Paris and London in a short space of time. The English Channel Tunnel is a convenient way to hop across to the continent, with regular services offering speedy access for onward journeys to these two capitals. Considering a holiday, but can’t decide between home or abroad?

Weighing up the pros and cons of a trip can be tricky, so it may be helpful to examine both Paris and London in further detail: let the Great City-Off begin!


Paris and London have some of the most recognised and visited landmarks in the world: think the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame and, closer to home the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. It is impossible to compare and contrast these historic sites as they are all integral parts of a trip to either city. Instead, why not look beyond the tourist trail and look for the lesser-known places to visit? London is busting at seams with quirky museums and attractions: a vault of music memorabilia hidden beneath the Hard Rock Café, the world’s only fan museum and Secret Cinema events can all be found in this city. Paris’s hidden gems include Le Musee de Vin which also has a restaurant and wine tasting room, and the pretty UNESCO Garden of Peace. If you’re seeking to experience an alternative scene and escape the tourist hoards, London wins hands down for its quirky offerings.

Food and Drink

Both cities offer a huge range of food and drink for all budgets. Well-known foodie spots like Borough and Camden markets attract hungry crowds, and pop-up street restaurants mean there is always something new and fresh to look out for in London. Paris is also a great destination for food lovers, and the French famously take their gastronomy very seriously. Enjoy the finer things in life? The wealth of wine bars in the city make great places to sample drinks whilst snacking on luxuries like oysters, snails and deluxe desserts. Patisseries, chocolate shops and specialist delicatessens abound in Paris like multinational coffee shops in London. For the sheer decadence and pride in their national staples then, Paris reigns supreme for food and drink.


If you are on a short break, practicalities like transport are all-important. To get around a city and see as much as possible in a short space of time you’ll need reliable, speedy and affordable public transport. Transport for London’s superb website means that planning your route is easy, as it offers maps and advice on buses, the Tube, trains, cycling, trams, river transport, the DLR and more! It is worth buying an Oyster card during your stay: top up, choose your mode of transport and avoid long queues! France’s RAPT and Transilien websites offer similar, though less comprehensive guides to Paris’s transport system. So, how to conclude? Trusty transport can make or break a short holiday, and in this respect, both cities are pretty evenly matched.

Holidaying at home or venturing to the continent can be tough choice, with many points to consider. The solution? With quick transport links between Paris and London, why not visit both!