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Visiting La Mesa Eco Park

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We have long planned to visit La Mesa Eco Park and I am delighted that we finally managed to go there. Thanks to that Bogart Case Files episode that the little one saw that got him all psyched to visit the place. I did include visiting more parks in our list of things-to-do this year, so I thought a trip to this park is in order.

We have planned to visit La Meso Eco Park way back when the little man is just a little pea inside my tummy but we never got the chance to pursue the plan as we got busy and preoccupied. Good thing we finally managed to visit the place earlier this year {yes, this is a very long overdue post!}. And it is also good that we waited this long to visit as the experience was surely much more enjoyable with the little man around.

parks, educational places for children to visit, travel, destination

Our experience sure went hand in hand with our plan to spend more time outdoors this year, and lucky for us, the heavens also cooperated by giving us a very sunshine-y weather. It was nearly lunch time when we arrived and it was good that there are a number of stores serving food inside the premises, at very affordable prices, too. We settled for grilled fish and pork liempo. Jared refused to have lunch and explored the playground just behind the place where we chose to eat lunch. There is a big slide and a monkey bar, where other children were also playing at the time.

We proceed to exploring the park after having lunch. I do not know exactly how big it was, but it sure was a massive place to take on foot and it is advisable to start walking and exploring early. The expanse of trees and greens was also enough to relax anyone who visits. There are a number of park goers at the time, and some where either taking lunch or taking a break from walking in one of the many cabanas available around. These cabanas are for rent at Php500 for the entire day. Since we plan to walk more and explore, we decided against renting a cabana and started our tour. For those who prefer guided tours, tour guides are also available for a fee.  Continue reading

Postcrossing Philippine’s Meet-up At Fort Santiago

Manila, travel, educational places for children to visit, parks

I managed to attend the Postcrossing Philippines meet-up last summer. It was a good thing someone agreed to do childminding duties so this mum can take her off on a Saturday. I was never comfortable taking public transportation whenever I go to Manila, but it was a good thing I got there without incidents. I arrived around lunchtime, just in time to try out this restaurant that serves affordable Filipino dishes nearby.

Manila, travel, educational places for children to visit, parks

It has been ages since I last visited Fort Santiago, and it is one of the most important historical sites in Manila, so I was really excited to visit the place again after a very long while. The postcrossers took a spot in one of the tables in the park and exchanged many happy stories, trivia, and information about our favorite hobby. We also exchanged postcards and busied ourselves signing up our Fort Santiago meet-up cards, which will be sent out to our other postcrosser friends who never made it to the meet up that day.

Manila, travel, educational places for children to visit, parks

Of course, we never failed to take as many photos of our meet-up, as well as the cards we brought that day and our lovely meeting place.

Manila, travel, educational places for children to visit, parks

Too bad we were not able to explore more beyond the citadel of Fort Santiago, but walking around the park in one hot summer afternoon is really quite a treat. The scenic view, the lovely trees and the beautiful ambiance is very relaxing, too. The interesting music blaring from nearby, most probably played by instruments from guitarcenter.com, also adds to the delightful experience.

Manila, travel, educational places for children to visit, parks

I hope I can go back to the place again soon with the little man. Am sure he will enjoy running about and exploring the place. And I will bet my hands, he’d ask for coins to throw at the nearby water.

Our meet-up sure is one enjoyable experience, it is amazing to meet the people whom I only swap postcards with in person. It is also quite a thrilling experience to meet people of like mind and who share the same passion.

Fort Santiago is in Intramuros in Manila. The park is open between 8am-5pm on weekdays and are closed down on weekends. Admission is at Php75 only and I think they charge less for kids and for those travelling in large groups.

Revisiting Tagaytay: People’s Park In The Sky

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We were blessed to have had a couple of out-of-town trips last year, one of which is a trip back to Tagaytay. We’ve already been to the city a few year’s before the little man was born and I was just glad to be sharing the wonderful experience with Jared. While other people go to places like this clinic to relax and unwind, traveling to Tagaytay where the temperature is always delightfully cold is truly a recommended way to spend the holidays or celebrate a special occasion.

There are just so many places to see and visit, where the family can have such wonderful bonding experiences. One of those attractions, and sure is everyone’s fave, is the People’s Park In The Sky. Although it did not change much since our last visit, and if it did, I am betting all for the worse. The place look un-maintained and abandoned at best. But people still flock here for the breathtaking view of the rest of Tagaytay City. Entrance fee is very affordable at Php30 per head and honestly I won’t mind paying more if only they can improve the facilities and amenities inside and they ought to begin with repairing the park’s marquee! Anyway, that aside, our trip to the place is a nice one. We arrived early and the morning sun is just enough to keep us warm in the cold, Christmas-y weather. We opted to take the trek up instead of riding one of those jeepneys for hire at the entrance of the park.

Tagaytay, Philippines, family travel, family time, parks

the view from People’s Park In The Sky’s viewing deck

The little one enjoyed the walk up and was all sweaty and excited by the time we make it to the top. He liked the bridge situated in the middle of the park best and made a number of trips to and fro. There were students taking photos in the bridge when we arrived so I was not able to take a few snaps of my own. Not to mention, Jared was just impossible to follow around with a camera. Besides, by the time we make it to the peak, the grown ups were both hungry so we grabbed a quick bite of hotdog sandwich from one of the stores found there.

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Where Should I Go With My RV?

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The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

Having an RV is great, but it can also be difficult to find places to go. Especially if you are new to having a recreational vehicle, and don’t have friends to go with, you’re on your own. Here are some great thoughts about places to go with your RV.

Stay Local

The best RV-friendly places have camping options to accommodate your RV. Many places have RV-friendly camping within a 1-2 hour drive. This could be a beach campsite, along a lake or river, or in the mountains.

Check with your local sporting goods store and see if there are any great places nearby that would be great for your RV.

See the National Parks

Going to the National Park system is a great use of your RV. Most national parks have plenty of camping, and most have RV-hookups that you can use as well. It is important to note that many of the popular campsites require reservations, while others are first-come, first-serve. Check in advance before driving for hours to get to a park, only to discover it’s full.

The most popular parks always surround geological wonders, while at the same time having lots of outdoor activities. Here are some of the most popular:

  • The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona
  • The Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
  • Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming
  • Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky

Things to Consider

When travelling to these national parks or other locations, it is important that you are prepared for your travels. This means not only checking in advance before going, but making sure that you have simple caravan insurance that isn’t lapsed. For many people, not driving their RVs consistently makes them forget to renew their insurance, or even do proper maintenance on their vehicles.

If you haven’t traveled in your RV in a while, check your records, make sure everything is updated, and maybe even take your RV to your mechanic to get it checked out. The last thing you want is to break down in the middle of no-where.

image is from http://www.freedigitalphotos.net