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bulacan daily: the malolos sports + convention center

bulacan daily, PBB Big Night, Malolos Sports + Convention Center, Malolos City

The Malolos Sports + Convention Center takes the spotlight as it hosts The Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 B.F.F at the Big Night live on 07 July. I bet tons of teens not only from all over the city + the neighboring towns, but also those coming from Manila + other places nearby, probably dressed in plain streetwear or in elaborate party clothes to celebrate the occasion, will flock to our simple + peaceful city. If I do not have another event to attend in the city later that night, + I’d been one of the fortunate ones to score free passes to the event, I would probably go there, with my little man in tow. 😉

I am not really such a big fan of PBB, but I’ve seen a number of episodes + it has piqued my interest when I found out about the Big Night to be held here at home. Maybe we’d just catch it on the tellie if we get back early.

Anyway, here is the PBB Big Night plug that showcases some of the historical attractions in our city, including the Barasoain Church, enjoy!

image + video are not mine