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Top 6 Hotels For The Ultimate Pampering You Deserve

When you stay at hotels, it’s not all about the rooms. Of course, the quality of your accommodations is important ~ the beds and linens have to be fresh, the air-conditioning should be sufficient, the bathroom has to be clean and supplied with towels and basic toiletries, among other things. However, there are also other facilities you should look for in a hotel, like a restaurant or in-house spa — things that would help you have a truly relaxing time and forget about your stresses for a while.

Here’s a quick list of some of the best hotels around the Metro where you can treat and pamper yourself, whether you’re looking for good food, a great view, a quiet location, or all of the above!

For a Spa Treatment

The Health Club at the Makati Diamond Residences has some pretty wonderful spa offerings, like their signature massage, Swedish massage, rejuvenating facial, foot reflexology, and other truly relaxing treatments. You can also opt to have your chosen spa treatment to be conducted in the comfort of your own room, so you can just fall right to sleep on your plush bed.

Solaire Resort & Casino also has a state-of-the-art luxury spa that offers various kinds of massages, including the traditional Filipino “hilot” and a hot-and-cold stone massage. They also have a range of body scrubs, foot spas, facial treatments, and other luxurious indulgences that will leave you feeling totally refreshed and pampered like royalty. Continue reading

Postcards: Churches In The Philippines

I recently received this card from a postcrossing friend, Rence, that featured different Philippine churches. I just wish the multi-view mentioned their names as I do not recognize them.

The annotation at the back says:

Under centuries of Spanish influence, the Filipinos are predominantly Catholic as reflected by the many churches all over the island. 

The postcard also has a beautiful stamp that features the Bantay Bell Tower found in Vigan, which was just released by Philpost. I sure hope it reaches our local post office very soon. Oh it even has the signatures of those who attended that postcrossing meet-up, including Robert Alejandro, a renowned artist and children’s book illustrator.

Thank you, as always, Rence for this lovely card. 😍

Mount Banahaw Postcard

I received this Mount Banahaw card earlier this year. This is the only card I have ever seen about the place and I am delighted to add this to my growing card collection. I have heard a lot of good stuff about the place and tales of people hiking there to reach its peaks. I dream of doing that with the little man one day, too.

Here are a few trivia about Mount Banahaw written at the back of the card:

  • it is a three-peaked volcano complex located between the provinces of Laguna and Quezon
  • it is the tallest mountain in the CALABARZON region
  • Banahaw, also spelled Banahao or Banajao, is a national park and a protected area in the Philippines since 1941
  • it is properly called Mts. Banahaw-San Cristobal Protected Landscape
  • it covers 10,901 hectares of land
  • it has an elevation of 7,119 feet above sea level
  • it last erupted in 1730
  • Mount Banahaw is also considered as a “Holy Mountain” and it is popular among pilgrims

I bet it will also be an awesome adventure to hike there with the family during holidays. Imagine communing with nature and relaxing away from the hustle and bustle and the regular drone of everyday living. The cool breeze and the chirping birds nearby will be enough to melt the stress away. It will probably be a great idea to bring along an oscar schmidt guitar to while the time away singing your family’s favorite tunes.

Thank you Sir Willie for sending this over and for putting it in an envelope so it won’t have those pesky and annoying postmarks.

US State Map Cards: South Carolina

postcards, map cards, 50 US States Map Cards, USA

It sure has been particularly quiet around here. This blog, along with the foodie and health and fitness blog, has to take the backseat while I tinker on the mum blog. Nowadays, I was too caught up with mummyhood, the mum blog also has to take the backseat. Been trying my best to draw the little one away from these mobile game apps and youtube, that I am also intentionally keeping myself away from going online, especially when I do not have pressing deadlines and during weekends.

Oh well, I guess it does not help either that our plan to travel more this year did not come to fruition, but hey, there are still a few more months left before 2015 ends and we can still probably squeeze in a couple of travel and outdoor adventures. We have just also been to Museo Pambata twice and have already been to Kidzania, where the little man cannot wait to go, during his school field trip. I hope I find enough time to share about our adventure here real soon.

Anyways, onto the main reason why I am writing this post. I have recently received this South Carolina US State Map card and I am really delighted that I am ticking another card off this 50-card collection. I am just a couple of cards away from completing this set and it is really getting quite exciting! I am glad that I have managed to swap with a couple of lovely people in order to get these cards. Continue reading