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World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange

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World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange starts on November 14 when we celebrate the World Diabetes Day. It involves exchanging personalized postcards that features the Diabetes blue circle symbol. Everyone who has diabetes, or whose life is touched by it can join the postcard exchange. Unfortunately the registration for this year’s exchange is closed + people are encouraged to wait mid of next year to register for the 2013 edition.

I hope a lot of people joined this postcard for a cause + I hope that all those Diabetes blue circles are arriving in post offices the world over, to make a lot of people happy + put a smile on their faces.

To know more about this program or if you have plans to participate in next year’s exchange, you may check out the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange Website

a smile card to grant a wish

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I have chanced upon this site while I was browsing one early morning through my various postcard swapping groups on Facebook. It is always a delight to spread some cheers to total strangers through my postcards so I went ahead + sent a smile card for this person.

Here’s an excerpt from the site:

Wish of a Lifetime needs your help to fulfill the Wish of a caring and compassionate 70 year old who is in the end stages of COPD, and all you need to do is send a postcard. Tom Burgett of Alabama has been fascinated by the vast diversity of cultures throughout our World. Unfortunately, Tom’s ability to travel has become unfeasible given his current medical ailments. Spending most days at home, besides the occasional doctor’s visit – Tom is worried that the outside world will pass him by.

postcards for a cause, smile card If you will be kind enough to grant this ailing man’s wish, kindly send your smile cards to:

Wish of a Lifetime
Attn: Tom Burgett
1821 Blake St. Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202

Do not forget to share this on Twitter, too, by using the hashtag #tomswish, to let more people know, right? 😉 I just hope Tom likes this colorful Ati-Atihan Festival Card that I sent him!

postcard for a cause: baby melissa j

postcards, postcards for a cause

One of the things I absolutely love about postcrossing is being able to spread cheers + good tidings thru the postcards I sent in the mail. That is why I make it a point to send those smile cards whenever an opportunity comes. + come mailing day, I am sending another one to this little cutey, Melissa J. I am planning to send here a colorful Ati-atihan Festival postcard which I hope she will like!

4-year old Melissa is suffering from Non-Hodgkins Lymphona + I am sure it will help brighten her day if she receives a treat in the mail. You can  check out the rest of her profile here, or you can look for other little pals to send postcards to at postpals.co.uk or you can send your postcard to:

C/O 29 Ravensway
Downham Market
PE38 0DB
United Kingdom

Won’t you like to make this world a happier place, one postcard at a time? 🙂

image is from postpals.co.uk

postcards for a cause

postcards, smile cards, postcards for a cause

I was lazily browsing online the other night, checking out this site that offers omnimount + similar products when I stumbled upon some opportunities to send smile cards {or those that you’d send without expecting something in return} or what I’d like to call postcards for a cause. It was posted in one of the numerous Postcard Swap Groups that I joined on Facebook.

Here is what the post says:

Hi everyone : I was just hoping I could get your help with something. Some friends of a friend have found out that their 4 year old son, Charlie, is suffering from a terminal brain tumour, and has only a few months to live. The family’s top priority is to make Charlie’s last days as memorable as possible. One of the things Charlie absolutely loves is receiving post, and he always rushes out to collect the post each morning. As such, his parents have started a postcard campaign, and are asking as many people as possible to send a postcard to Charlie, with just a simple, cheerful message on it. (Please do not mention his illness or include get well wishes.) If you are able to do this, it would really make a difference for Charlie and would be a great help and support for his parents during this difficult time.

If you would be kind enough to send this little boy a postcard or two, kindly send them to:

Charlie Codling
C/O Manor Farmhouse,
Little Beside,St Day,
Redruth, Cornwall
TR16 5PX

postcards for a cause, postcards, smile

Another postcard for a cause will go to Wash + Tash, a young couple from Arizona, USA. Wash is suffering from brain cancer + Tash is looking after him, while waiting for her husband to fade away + die. I cannot imagine the kind of pain + suffering they are both experiencing at the moment, but I wish a postcard in their mailbox will somehow ease the pain + make the days brighter. Read more about their story from their  blog. + do send a postcard to this address:

Wash and Tashi Pratt-King
PO Box 27716
Tempe, AZ 85285