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Mailed This Batch of Cards This Month {August}

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Mailed this bunch recently

I have a number of cards for swap that I finally managed to prepare and mail recently, and good thing, too, as I was able to send them before the rainy days set in. Some of these cards are long overdue and I sure hope they arrive to their destination real soon.

I hope my friends will love the Miss Universe 2015 stamps I used on the cards. Isn’t Pia Wurtzbach stunning? Such a Pinoy Pride and I am delighted the local Post Office released these equally gorgeous stamps {will share more about these on a separate post}. I also used a number of lovely washi tapes on my cards. I recently got them from a shop on IG, and I particularly love these Mommy Lhey Washi Tapes {the one with “love kiss fun” design}, I absolutely adore the colors!

postcards, postcards for swap, postcrossing

Miss Universe 2015 Stamps

Here’s the list of the cards I mailed, I sure hope you find your name in it:

  1. Biju Dev, India ~ Mayon Volcano, San Juanico Bridge
  2. Gilbert Dela Cruz, Makati City ~ Barasoain Church
  3. Neny, Indonesia ~ Roxas Boulevard, San Juanico Bridge Multiview
  4. Bohdana Matejkova, Czech Republic ~ Mount Mayon
  5. Alissa Guillaume, France ~ Museo Pambata, Barasoain Church

I have a few more pending swaps to finish and I am planning to prepare them while reading all about these awesome Kramer Guitars. I sure hope I can mail them before the week ends as next week will be a lot busier while I work on my blog deadlines and for the remaining preparations for my little one’s 7th birthday celebration. I am also planning to revive our Postcrossing.com accounts and mail a couple of official cards before the month ends, just to spread some postcrossing cheer around. I will also make sure to share a number of wonderful cards I got recently on my next post. Hope you watch out for that.

How’s your postcrossing so far? Received any interesting cards you’d like to share?

Thinking Of You Postcards

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I received a bunch of these “Thinking Of You” Postcards a few weeks back. I got them as a freebie from this online buying site that contacted me to do a feature about them on my mum blog. I readily agreed, considering the kind of items they have on sale. Just check out this postcard, don’t you think it’s lovely?

The postcard packet contains 12 different cards featuring famous landmarks and attractions of the world, including Big Ben and the House of Parliament in London {the one depicted in the photo}, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Colosseum in Rome, the Louvre in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Millennium Eye and the London Bridge, among others. Each one has the same message. I think the color of the cards is rather dramatic, I wouldn’t mind having a couple of sofa cushions in this design, would you?

I will be swapping the lot of them for US States map cards, shaped cards or any cards that might be of interest to me. Do not hesitate to contact me for your offer, right?

A happy weekend ahead!

Another Batch of New Postcards for Swap

postcards, postcards for swap, swapping, postcrossing

It has been sometime since I have last visited the local Puregold for our grocery errand and to buy some postcards, too, since Jared’s dad was sweet enough to do the grocery for me. That is why I am quite excited when I finally had the chance to go there again the last time we did our groceries. It was only here that I get to buy these big beautiful postcards that I add to my collection of postcards for swap. I do not know when I’d be able to come down here again so I made sure to choose a number of postcards to add to my stash.

Check out my newly-bought cards. I will be swapping this for US map cards, for lovely Gotochi cards, or for any interesting card that catches my fancy. If you are interested in any of these cards, you may check them all out here and send me a message using my contact form.  :-))