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My Very First Jetoy Card

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I am not really too fond of cats but who will never fall in love with this beautiful Jetoy card, right? This is the very first in my collection and was sent to me by Kelly, the same person who gave me a map card of Massachusetts.

Since I am not that crazy about cats, I chose this one from her stash of Jetoy cards, I think the pig is just too cute and the horse is too lovely! Jetoy cards originated from Korea and from what I gathered it seemed like the cat characters are based on a local fairy tale or story that features these cats, Choo Choo, who live in the planet called Jetoy.

Thank you Kelly for this beautiful card, I totally love it!  😀

an interesting postcard

postcards, souvenirsThis interesting postcard arrived a few weeks back, together with The Golden Pathway, a book for review, + a bookmark of the same design. I particularly loved that the author, Donna, even scribbled a short personal message for me. I do not know about you, but for this is a treasure worth keeping.

Coincidentally, my review of the book has been up on my blog for some time now + I am also giving away a hard-bound copy of this book to one lucky winner, in line with that. Hover over to my mum blog to join this giveaway, + who knows, you might even get this postcard, too. 😉

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postcard perfect: a postcard for myself

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I sent this to none other than myself during our Postcrossing Enthusiast Meet-Up {I have yet to blog about it}, know why it is quite special? It was signed by all the PE members in attendance that day, so it is my little priceless memento of that encounter, along with a bag of postcards + other freebies that I was able to bring home that day, not to mention am sending this straight from the Manila Central Post Office {which I’ve been for the first time that day, too ^_^}

In the spirit of the season, I have a little good news. I have 7 more of these signed cards + I will mail it to the first 7 persons to comment on this post. Just a little token before the year ends.

So comment away + fill out my contact form with your mailing details. I shall be mailing these postcards as soon as the 7 recipients are complete.

I will wait for your comments then + here’s to an eventful several days before 2012! ^_^

This will be my share for this week’s Postcard Perfect, too…

a pink postcard from belgium

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I got this very pink postcard from the mail a couple of weeks ago! It sure is a very nice postcard with a sweet “Have a Nice Day” message. Am not sure what these are, though. They can be lanterns or Christmas ornaments. Neither the postcard or the sender clarified it. But it sure made my day when I got it!

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Here’s what the sender wrote:

To send a postcard is a good way to go somewhere  without moving anything but your heart!

I guess this is a clear indication that the sender is as sweet as her postcard ^_^ Got this from Aline, a fellow in Postcrossing Enthusiast. I love the penmanship + the equally interesting stamps she used for the card:

postcards, souvenirsThanks for swapping with me. This is also my first card from Belgium.

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