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Mail Day ~ 25 October, 2016

Postcrossing.com, postcards, official Postcrossing.com cards

I have been on a hiatus of some sorts with my postcrossing hobby. I don’t get to swap and send as many cards as I would love to for the past few months now. I just got busy with one thing too many, I guess.

Last month, I managed to mail a number of postcards that’s been long overdue. I sure hope their recipients get them real soon. Here is the list of the card I sent that day:

  1. V. Lankerd, USA ~ Barasoain Church
  2. M. Ming, Singapore ~ Barasoain Church
  3. M. Arai, Japan ~ Barasoain Church
  4. A. Celik, Turkey ~ Barasoain Church
  5. E. Willems, The Netherlands ~ Barasoain Church
  6. Z. Khalid, Pakistan ~ Fort Santiago
  7. M. Sam, Malaysia ~ Rizal Park
  8. M. Szabia, Poland ~ Rizal Park
  9. K. Dovhopolo, Ukraine ~ Bohol
  10. S. Marger, USA ~ Barasoain Church
  11. M. Markhvinskij, Russian Federation ~ Fish Monger Papemelroti card

These are a bunch of official Postcrossing.com cards, as it has been ages since I sent cards through them. I still have a few direct swaps to finish and mail before this month ends, along with a number of Christmas that I will send to my friends overseas. I sure hope I can find the time to finish them all soon. Meanwhile, this mums will head on to check these cool music instrument stores online.

Mickey Mouse Postcard For The Little Man

Walt Disney postcards, USA, Postcrossing.com

Leader of the Marching Band!

Walt Disney is one of my favorite postcard theme, I guess I cannot help it as I have a 5-year old who consumes Disney like crazy. I have accumulated a number of Disney themed cards in my several-year collection and this one is one of the newest I have received. Well, not really new as I got it last year but I have since been inactive with my Postcrossing.com swaps and am no longer getting and swapping postcards on a regular basis, unless I absolutely love the cards for swap, that is!

This lovely Mickey Mouse card was sent by Jan from the US. She was very thoughtful to put the card in an envelope so that I can receive it in the best of conditions and I really appreciated that! The card, aptly called Leader of The Band, features one of many’s all-time Disney characters, Mickey Mouse, as he takes over the drum major to lead the Disneyland Band in a Main Street Concert. Their band plays an assortment of music, from waltzes to marches, and probably also has a member who owns this nice tenor sax case I saw online.

This official Postcrossing.com was sent to the little man and he is more than delighted to add this to his growing collection. Oh well, it is probably about time to reactivate our Postcrossing.com accounts and start swapping for beautiful cards again!

Do you have a Mickey Mouse postcard, too, I would love to hear all about it in a comment below! Happy postcrossing!

Mailday Tuesday {02.09}

It felt like ages ago since I have last been to the local Post Office to mail postcards and I am just glad that I was able to find the time to write on the cards yesterday to be able to post them all today. My swaps are a bit delayed and the cards for Postcrossing.com ought to have been sent weeks ago, but I hope my swapmates and pals from the postcrossing site won’t mind. It took me awhile to finish putting the stamps on the cards but I really enjoyed the exercise, I just wish I had more stamp designs to choose from.

Here is the list of the cards I posted today, see if you can find your name in it! 🙂

Direct Swap

  1. Nicoletta P, Italy ~ Fort Santiago big, black card
  2. Lai S, Malaysia ~ Dinagat Island card
  3. Arnold P, TX ~ Ati-Atihan big, black card
  4. Katerina H, Czech Republic ~ Batanes card
  5. Akhil K, India ~ Fort Santiago meet-up card


  1. Karin B, Germany ~ Dinagat Island
  2. Serhiy L, Ukraine ~ Pasig River
  3. Darafey Y, Belarus ~ Bacolod Fishing Port
  4. Marketa K, Czech Republic ~ Manila City Hall
  5. Marjatta A, Finland ~ Tubbataha Reef
  6. Ankit A, India ~  Cigarmakers at the turn of the century vintage card
  7. Sugar, China ~ Fruit stand in Tagaytay
  8. Larry D, USA ~ Balot Vendor by Vicente Manansala
  9. Master Leo M, UK ~ Owl
  10. Astrid G, Germany ~ Bacolod Fish Port
  11. Ada P, The Netherlands ~ Batanes
  12. Alekseeva N, Russian Federation ~ Spring River in Antique

I do hope these cards will reach their respective destinations safe and fast. Time now to look for more swaps so that I might be able to complete my numerous collections. Will be hitting a couple of our postcrossing group on Facebook after I am done helping the little man with his homework and after I finished reading about this awesome stuff On Sale!

Mailday Wednesday {07 May}

mailday, Postcrossing.com,  official postcrossing.com cards

Here is the list of the postcards I sent out recently. I do hope you find your name in it and may they reach their respective destinations soon.

Special Swap

  • Jan H, Palawan ~ envelope
  • Potin C, China ~ RR card

Fort Santiago Meet-up Cards

  • Clarissa S, Japan ~ Entrance to Fort Santiago
  • Sheryl A, Bacolod City ~ Entrance to Fort Santiago
  • Ruby C, CDO ~ Fort Santiago
  • Abigail A, PH ~ Entrance to Fort Santiago
  • Ria R, Naga City ~ Fort Santiago Vintage Card
  • Edwin N, Bahrain ~ Fort Santiago
  • Arnold F, TX ~ Fort Santiago
  • Divine C, Caloocan ~ Fort Santiago
  • Joanne G, Bukidnon ~ Fort Santiago
  • Dinna G, NY ~ Fort Santiago

Direct Swap

  • Fatima, Indonesia ~ Fort Santiago
  • Toe K, Singapore ~ Fort Santiago Vintage Card
  • Abran O, USA ~ Boracay big card
  • Cassandra S, USA ~ Fishermenn/Milkmen