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of sphinx + pyramids

postcards, Postcrossing Enthusiasts, EgyptThis sure is a lovely day as I received this special card! Know why this is special? I have always thought of Egypt as a very interesting place to visit and this is my very first postcard from that country! Don’t you think this card of the pyramid and the sphinx is a perfect addition to anyone’s collection?

Hopefully I will get to visit Egypt in the future, it sure is no place for makeup cases cheap souvenir items and other products to buy as gifts for people back home, but am sure everyone will love this postcard mailed from the country of Cleopatra and the pharaohs. I will make sure to pay this age-old monuments a visit while I am there!

Thank you so much Ivy for sending this card to me! ♥

Beatles Postcard

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I received this black and white Beatles postcard in October {I know, it has been sometime since I’ve posted a card from my collection, sorry about that!} from a private swap with one of friends at Postcrossing Enthusiasts. I love a number of Beatles song, including Let It Be, Hey Jude, and all their other classing songs. Beatles is after all one of the best bands the world has ever known and touched millions of people the world and generation over. If they are around today, I bet they will be touting one of the best gibson melody maker and rock with it!

Oh well, this sure is a great addition to my collection + thanks very much Alyona for sending this to me! ^_^

mailing 12.12.12 postcards today

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cards for Postcrossing Enthusiasts swap

Yesterday, while I was busy juggling between being a mother and a homemaker, I was also busy writing, addressing and stamping {yes, in that order!} numerous postcards which I will mail in our local Post Office later today. I have joined a couple of 12.12.12 swap in my various Postcrosser groups, hence, the pile of postcards in our table last night. It was a good thing the little man is preoccupied with our newly-bought cartoons DVD’s that he left me to myself.

Postcrossing is simply love and kind of therapeutic, too. I wish I could send those cute pandora charms, too, to my friends along with the postcards, but, oh well, am sure the thought and the effort that goes into preparing these postcards will be appreciated and that alone is definitely rewarding! 😉

Here’s the list of the postcards I will mail later on, I hope you find your name on it: 😉

Postcrossing Enthusiasts 12.12.12 swap

  • Lorraine T, QC ~ Christmas postcard
  • Annie S, Rizal ~ Christmas postcard
  • Sandra R, Iriga City ~ Christmas postcard
  • Ruby C, CDO ~ Christmas postcard
  • Willa S, Malabon City ~ Christmas postcard
  • Clarissa S, Japan ~ Christmas postcard
  • Arlene C, Iligan City ~ Christmas postcard
  • Ekaterina K, Belarus ~ Mayon Volcano
  • Retin, Indonesia ~ Banaue Rice Terraces
postcards, mailday, Postcrossing Enthusiasts, Postcrossing.com, postcrossing

cards for Postcrossing.com swap

Postcrossing. Com Forum
  • Sussanah T, Canada ~ Batanes Light House
  • Kathryn M, Australia ~ Manila Zoo
  • Wang H, China ~ Daraga Church
  • Agnieszka K, Poland ~ Taluksangay Mosque
postcards, mailday, Postcrossing Enthusiasts, Postcrossing.com, postcrossing

cards for Aussie Postcards swap

Aussie Postcards
  • Mandy I, England ~ Basilica Del Sto. Niño, Cebu
  • Dagmara K, Poland ~ Quezon Memorial Circle
  • Larissa, Indonesia ~ Alutauag Mosque, Jolo
  • Anne C, Australia ~ EDSA Shrine
  • An envelope containing 5 cards for our Surprise Santa swap 😉
Pen Friends Group
  • Barbara S, Mexico ~ Christmas postcard/letter
  • Shelley G, UK ~ Christcard in envelope
Smile Card
  • Cheerful D, Thailand ~ BenCab postcard
  • Joanita A, KSA ~ Baguio City
Personal Swap
  • Rence C, QC ~ Bencab postcard
  • Jo W, Taiwan ~ Philippine Eagle

river avon, stratford-upon-avon

postcards, UK, Postcrossing EnthusiastsHere’s what the back of the card says:

The Royal Shakespeare Company Theater lies in an enviable position on the banks of the River Avon. From the riverside terrace, visitors may watch pleasure boats pass, or glimpse the Tower of the Holy Trinity Church, the site of Shakespeare’s baptism + his final resting place.

Towns in England have the most peculiar names, won’t you agree? Some like Stratford-Upon-Avon, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne + Stoke-On-Trent, gives tribute to the bodies of water nearby. Another classic example is Kingston-Upon-Thames which was aptly named for its proximity to the River Thames. I am sure there are  loads of other interesting stuffs to discover in the UK apart from the very peculiar town names: the lovely estates + manors, the warm people, the unbelievably uncluttered streets, which are just peppered with pedestrians walking about, bystanders or bikers clad in their colorful scorpion helmets.

postcards, UK, Postcrossing Enthusiasts

This card was sent to me by fellow Postcrossing Enthusiasts member, Krissa, who blogs about her postcard collection at Connections to the World, who was in the UK recently. The UK is one of the places I would love to visit with my little man someday. Some of the things I’d like to check out include The Wembley Stadium, Westminster Abbey, as well as the numerous castles + museums. If I could, I would also love to check out the 2012 Summer Olympics that will open real soon in London!

Thank you Krissa for sharing your UK adventure with me through this card! 🙂