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postcrossing enthusiasts second eb!

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On May 27, the little man + I braved the Sunday traffic to go to Manila for the Second Eye Ball of our Postcrossing Enthusiast Group on Facebook.  There were only a few number of participants, but I am glad that I was able to make it + was able to meet new members that I have not even swapped with postcards before.

While everyone else is busy checking out metal cabinets or whatever items on sale at the mall for that day, + while everyone is deciding which food items to order from the food court, we’ve found this little nook + got ourselves seated comfortably. + thus, our EB commenced.

There were only 9 of us in attendance, not really promising in numbers, I know, but it was all good! We were able to share some interesting items about ourselves at the start of the get-together + had a few hours of exchanging stories + experiences. I have heard a lot of interesting stories + saw so many interesting postcards. One member found this sweet penfriend from Europe who wanted to literally adopt him as a son + he showed us a scrapbook filled with her letters, photos + knickknacks. Would you believe that she even sends dried flowers + blooms from her garden? One day, I’d love to find a penfriend like her! 🙂

postcrossing, postcrossing meet-ups, Postcrossing Enthusiasts

the busy postcrossers + the honorary members 😀

Another postcrosser showed us her very beautiful collection of ATC’s or artist trading cards. It was actually the first time I’ve heard of such things + I was amazed at how lovely their handmade cards are. Now, I cannot join a swap like this much as I’d like to, I really have no talent in drawing, see! 🙁

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Other members also showed their growing postcard collections, one is even neatly placed in an album, which actually inspire me to put mine in an album, too, so that I can easily stash it in my bag on our next meet-up! Pat, who was in Singapore recently, even brought some souvenir postcards, it is just too bad I was not able to get one. Anyhoo, it was fine by me, since I got these lovely international postcards + a stack of Mickey Mouse stickers, as well as a beautiful loot bag from Japan, courtesy of our fellow member, Clarissa, + got this stationery set + a yellow book from Bookcrossing.com, {yes, that one existed, too! :)}

The meet up went well + I cannot wait to attend the next one which shall be slated on July 28. Hopefully, I’d be able to acquire a few cute items to give to participants as tokens. What do you think of a cute, little notebook or a set of rubber stamps? 😉

I shall share more of the goodies I got from the meet, as well as my Postcrossing Enthusiasts Second Meet-up signed postcards which I shall be mailing to my swap friends real soon! 🙂

photo credits for the last 2 images go out to sis Willa, who blogs at Postcard Perfect 🙂

sending postcards for national postcard week

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This week is National Postcard Week, + I couldn’t be more stoked to find out we are having a little game over at our Postcrossing Enthusiasts Facebook Group in celebration of this. Gee, it’s about time we had one of these fun games, it has been ages since the last one! I was spending less time online + I almost failed to sign up for the game, it was a good thing I was still included. 🙂

postcards, Postcrossing Enthusiasts, National Postcard Week

For this project, we are to send 4 postcards to 4 different recipients this week in time for National Postcard Week. There is no theme for the type of postcards to send. In fact, I have chosen beautiful random postcards to give to other participants, including a card of the Manila Zoo for a friend Akhil who is from India, a postcard of the scenic Dinagat Island for Jennefer + Mommy Rubz, + an Obando card with a Malolos Cathedral commemorative stamps for Annie, whom I am sending a postcard for the first time.

I actually have to make a quick stop to the post office before running some errands early this morning just so I can send the postcards within the deadline. Hopefully they reach the recipients on time + hopefully they would love what I sent their way! 🙂

National Postcard Week (or NPCW) has its roots in 1911 when a few postcards were printed to celebrate Postcard Day on 01 May. The current National Postcard Week started in 1984, when the International Federation of  Postcard dealers, along with a host of different clubs, made a postcard to celebrate + promote their hobby. 

What postcards are you sending today? Share them in a comment below. 😉

a pink sakura blossoms postcard from japan

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Aren’t they fabulously pink? 🙂 These are cherry blossoms + I got this beautiful postcard recently. This is sent to me by fellow Postcrossing Enthusiasts member, mommy Clarissa, who blogs at Brilliant Days + hails from Fukushima. Those Japanese postcards are one of my favorites + this one is no exception.

According to the sender the Japanese people loves to go out with their families + friends for a hanami or cherry blossoms viewing. They bring along food + drinks + sit under the sakura {cherry blossoms} trees, much like a picnic. Now that is one activity I would love for me + the little man to partake, I bet it will be loads of fun + it will be one fantastic adventure to marvel at the beauty of those sakura trees. Sakura is also known as the ume tree + this practice dates back to the Nara Period {710-794} that Japanese people admired the ume blossoms for the first time. The custom was originally limited to the elite members of the Imperial Court, but soon spread out to the samurai community + to the common people by the Edo Period

This postcard came with these equally colorful flower stamps:

souvenirs, postcard, direct swap, Japan

Thank you, Mommy Clang, for this wonderful postcard 🙂


Pink Fridays

a leap day postcard from thailand

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I recently participated in a little exchange in our Postcrossing Enthusiasts group for Leap Year postcards. We shall be sending the postcards to out friends on 29 February. A leap day sounds like a great day to send a postcard as it only happens only every 4 years, which makes the date so precious. Here is one of the beautiful cards I got in return for participating in the activity. It features the Khu Trung Tam Hoang Thanh Thang Long Ha Noi  or the central sector of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long Ha Noi

Here’s more trivia about this site according to Wiki:

  • The Thang Long Citadel relic is the most important monuments in the system of Vietnam monument, associated with the historic capital city of Thang Long – Hanoi
  • The massive structures represent the rain of King building in various stages of history
  • In August 01, 2010 {Vietnam time}, this was recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site by the World Heritage Committee 

postcards, souvenirs, postcrossing enthusiasts

This is another lovely card from Cheerful + I simply love the little colorful details she added at the back, including the warm message she’s scribbled. Hey, did I tell you I just love her penmanship, too, + can only dream that I write just as good 🙂


Postcard Perfect