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Postcrossing Philippines’ First Ever Meet-Up for 2013

destination, Rizal Park, Manila, postcrossing meet ups

the little man in front of our National Hero’s monument

Note: This has been sitting in my Drafts folder for the longest time. I shall be meeting my postcrosser friends next month so I was sort of inspired to post this today. Unfortunately, my hard drive is going bonkers and I cannot include most of the photos I took that day, except for these which I have rummaged through my files. Hopefully, my hard drive will be okay in no time so that I can update this post with more photos of what transpired that day.

Our group scheduled our first meet-up for this year on Saturday at the Rizal Park in Manila. It has been ages since I was last there and it was the little man’s first time to be there. Needless to say, apart from the EB, we did enjoy this park visit.

destination, Rizal Park, Manila, postcrossing meet ups

these are what i took home from this meet-up: two little booklets from the exhibit, a vintage Rizal Park postcard, a washi tape + this cool Tinkerbell shaped card from Japan! ♥

Our group found a shady silent vacant table at the Chess Park and thus the meet-up commenced. Some member bought some of their collections and I was really fascinated with these lovely shaped cards that Mommy Willa showed us. She also came bearing gifts from our generous members from Japan, Mommy Clang. I got a number of washi tapes, which I shared with fellow members Philip and Rence, as well as this beautiful Tinkerbell shaped card.

Later in the afternoon we trooped to our National Hero’s monument for a photo op. We also explored the rest of the park and the little man took this opportunity to check out the fountain in the middle, as well as the other part of the park.

destination, Rizal Park, Manila, postcrossing meet ups

The members also came with our traditional meet-up cards which we have signed by all the members in attendance. Lucky I got this Luneta cards in a National Bookstore branch we passed by on our way here. I shall be sending 9 of them to my postcrossing friends in a few days.

We even get to experience the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Festival as an added treat!

It was such a great experience catching up with fellow Postcrossing Philippines members. We even get to meet new members, Agatha and Abigail. Looking forward to our next meet-up guys!

mementos from the meet-up

souvenirs, postcrossing meet-ups,

As promised in my previous post, I will share with you some of the goodies I got from our Postcrossing Enthusiasts Second Meet-up.

Check out this lovely pink stationery set + this very interesting official Bookcrossing.com book, The Happy Egg, which I won from our raffle that day. I particularly love the stationery set as I am fond of collecting these stuff when I was a young girl. But when my godchild, Blessy, came by the house a few weeks back, I cannot resist giving it to her. Am sure she will find more ways to put them in use + enjoy them. 🙂

As for the book, I shall read it to the little man when he is more than willing. There are not much to read really, as there are only too few words that comprise this book, it was mainly made up of illustrations of the egg + his adventure. I am not sure if I can keep the book for my own, though, as much like Postcrossing.com, books from Bookcrossing.com also travels around the world. But mailing books are rather much costly so I need to save up for it in case I need to mail to some obscure place in Europe!

More stuff from the meet up soon!

Am sharing my pink stationery set with Pink Fridays:

postcrossing enthusiasts second eb!

postcards, postcrossing enthusiasts, postcrossing meet uppostcards, postcrossing meet ups, postcrossing enthusiasts

On May 27, the little man + I braved the Sunday traffic to go to Manila for the Second Eye Ball of our Postcrossing Enthusiast Group on Facebook.  There were only a few number of participants, but I am glad that I was able to make it + was able to meet new members that I have not even swapped with postcards before.

While everyone else is busy checking out metal cabinets or whatever items on sale at the mall for that day, + while everyone is deciding which food items to order from the food court, we’ve found this little nook + got ourselves seated comfortably. + thus, our EB commenced.

There were only 9 of us in attendance, not really promising in numbers, I know, but it was all good! We were able to share some interesting items about ourselves at the start of the get-together + had a few hours of exchanging stories + experiences. I have heard a lot of interesting stories + saw so many interesting postcards. One member found this sweet penfriend from Europe who wanted to literally adopt him as a son + he showed us a scrapbook filled with her letters, photos + knickknacks. Would you believe that she even sends dried flowers + blooms from her garden? One day, I’d love to find a penfriend like her! 🙂

postcrossing, postcrossing meet-ups, Postcrossing Enthusiasts

the busy postcrossers + the honorary members 😀

Another postcrosser showed us her very beautiful collection of ATC’s or artist trading cards. It was actually the first time I’ve heard of such things + I was amazed at how lovely their handmade cards are. Now, I cannot join a swap like this much as I’d like to, I really have no talent in drawing, see! 🙁

psotcrossing, Postcrossing Enthusiast, postcrossing meet ups

Other members also showed their growing postcard collections, one is even neatly placed in an album, which actually inspire me to put mine in an album, too, so that I can easily stash it in my bag on our next meet-up! Pat, who was in Singapore recently, even brought some souvenir postcards, it is just too bad I was not able to get one. Anyhoo, it was fine by me, since I got these lovely international postcards + a stack of Mickey Mouse stickers, as well as a beautiful loot bag from Japan, courtesy of our fellow member, Clarissa, + got this stationery set + a yellow book from Bookcrossing.com, {yes, that one existed, too! :)}

The meet up went well + I cannot wait to attend the next one which shall be slated on July 28. Hopefully, I’d be able to acquire a few cute items to give to participants as tokens. What do you think of a cute, little notebook or a set of rubber stamps? 😉

I shall share more of the goodies I got from the meet, as well as my Postcrossing Enthusiasts Second Meet-up signed postcards which I shall be mailing to my swap friends real soon! 🙂

photo credits for the last 2 images go out to sis Willa, who blogs at Postcard Perfect 🙂